Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Twenty-five years ago, this little girl

hadn't even really begun to think about what her Mr. Right would look like. She was too busy climbing trees, stomping in puddles and beating up little boys. Far too busy to waste a moment, even for a picture, to comb her hair.

Had she been thinking though, she would have known that he was looking like this at about the same time.

That is the unbelievably wide collar, perfectly trimmed pageboy and slightly stunned face of her true love.

They just didn't know it yet.

Fast forward many years. The girl learned how to brush her hair and the boy ditched the page boy and thanks to the wonders of modern technology (ahem,, these two found each other. Many, many phone calls and emails later, they finally decided to meet in person. Their first date was not the great success they had hoped for, but the girl felt there was something there and called the boy for a second date.

On this date, all of the things that went wrong on the first date, went right. At the end of the evening, the boy kissed the girl. And when she opened her eyes, she saw a shooting star and KNEW.

After this, things progressed, as they do. There was a period of dating, and then moving in together, and then one day, the boy arrived with a beautiful ring and a question. One the girl was delighted to answer.

Because these two couldn't do anything the normal way, they had not one, but two weddings. Today is the first of their anniversaries. Their FIRST fourth anniversary.

Each year is better than the last, my love.


  1. Cute pictures.
    I love your story.

  2. Congratulations!
    I love old photos. Thanks for sharing.
    You are so lucky to have found each other and now you have a beautiful Bean that is part of both of cool is that!

  3. happy anniversary - you look so much like you did when you were younger

  4. Happy 1st 4th Anniversary! Had I known it was this close I would have picked you up something on our excursion the the Cupid store....:)

  5. Don't let her fool you; Melissa has already Fed-Exed a can of crescent rolls just for you to use on your anniversary.

    I can totally see Sophie in that picture of you! I think it's the smile. Or maybe it's the hair...

    Happy Anniversary! I love this post!

  6. Happy First Fourth Anniversary!

    The younger pics are so cute! I can totally see where Sophie gets her hair from. :)

  7. You just gave me chills with that one! Enjoy your first fourth anniversary! Love both pictures!

  8. Mazel tov and wow, really does work huh?

  9. I think it's great to have a couple of anniversary's. (We do too:)

    How cool to have met on! And thanks for the old pictures. You know I love looking at those:) Yes...I absolutly see Sophie in your little face!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  10. What a sweet story.

    Happy Anniversary.

  11. Happy Fourth!! I love the photos. And the story. So sweet!

  12. OMGosh that was incredibly sweet! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And, OMG...Sophie looks just like you!

  13. Look at me, surrounded by all the ladies. But I'm not afraid! Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations! Happy anniversary to you both.

    Sophie looks so much like you in that photo :)

  15. Awww. Happy Anniversary, Cara. I'm glad you two found each other.

    And those pictures are priceless. So cute.

  16. Very sweet. I like that pic of you, it reminds me so much of Bean, esp the wild hair and your description of yourself at that age.

  17. I love that first picture. :)

    Happy 1st 4th Anniversary!

  18. oh, so sweet...of course if I showed a picture of me at age 10 and Adam at the same time, it would be his senior high school picture. Who knew his prom date was in 5th grade?

    You two are both cute, despite the collars.

  19. Briliant and beautiful story. We are creations too, by the way. Don't knock it til you try it. And if you DO try it, be careful what you wish for, because that wish might come true!

  20. Happy Anniversary! I loved this post :-)

    So glad he ditched the haircut ;-)

  21. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that you had two weddings. As well you should have.

  22. You rocked that story girl!!
    Happy 1st 4th Anniversary!!

  23. OHMYGOODNESS...That is so beautiful!! And i LOVE the photos!

    ALso, I just read about your two weddings. We had a similar situation...went down to City Hall and then just had the actual ceremony last month!


  24. Happy Anniversary!
    Ours was the 1st. I didn't know anyone else was crazy enough to get married between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also got married at city hall and planned to have a second wedding but never did. We used to joke that we'd do it on our 10th anniversary, but that's next year and at this point we both figure we're pretty darn married.


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