Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am at the precipice. I find myself once again unsure of which direction to go. It seems I feel this way several times a year. I don't know if it has to do with the changing of the seasons or if its just the passage of time. But here I am again.

It's my hair.

I have struggled for years, hell, my whole life, with finding a style that I like, one that is relatively easy to style and maintain and that works with my hair. Everywhere I look people have fantastic hairdos that perfectly accent their faces. Why do I struggle so much with this?

So I made an appointment to get my hair highlighted, something I haven't done in a decade, thinking this would be a fun kind of change. I had (mostly) decided to grow my hair out, so I was only planning on getting a trim. But then I saw a photograph of myself at the MomzShare event (which was an amazing night out, by the way, and one that deserves its own post) this past Saturday and I did not love the way it looked. So now I'm rethinking the just a trim part.

Tomorrow afternoon I will either bite the bullet and do something new and different or I will come home with just a trim, regretting not doing something new and different. If I leave it longer, Neil will be happy, as he's a long hair guy, AND I will be able to pull it back as we go into the hotter months. Which will be nice when I run my first 5K next month. But if I cut it short, I'll get that something different I so crave.

The decision seems easy. So why is it so hard?

Am I alone? Does anyone else struggle with this? Do you get haircut remorse?


  1. Every summer I decide that I'm going to grow my hair until the next summer. By the time Fall rolls around, I cut it all off. Then I want it long again...seriously though? It never really grows past my shoulders anyway, so I don't know why I think about it so much.

    Remorse? Nah...you can't have remorse when you never do anything outside of your comfort zone. We're always our own worst critic though...it probably doesn't even dawn on everyone else.

  2. I totally understand this and struggled with this in the past. But now, I LOVE to change my hair. I like to change it depending on my mood, in college I did. Now, I stick mainly with the same thing but I long for those days.

    Change it. Change is good and it will make you feel better. Promise.

  3. I'm pretty sure you are not the Lone Ranger on this issue. I'm growing right now. I'm afraid of new cuts, but somehow I manage to gut it out once a year and try something different. After all, the only difference between a good cut and a bad one is about six weeks, right? Good luck.

  4. I honestly never am sure I know what I want when I walk in to get my hair done. I am kinda letting it grow out since I can't decide. (A big brownie point getter with the hubs, but I am not sure I like it.) I usually walk in with 5 or 6 pictures of hair I like and get a conglomeration of all of them.

  5. oh my gosh NO - you're NOT alone. I have genetically CRAP hair. I settled upon the haircut that was the *least* bad at 21, and pretty much that's the haircut I've had ever since. Little longer, little shorter - cheeks fatter, cheeks thinner - really, THE SAME HAIRCUT.

    (for the record, *I* thought your hair was cute on Saturday night. ;)

  6. I am in constant need of hair change, which is why mine NEVER gets grown out. The longest it has been in the last fifteen years was after O was born, but that was just because I couldn't get to the salon. I decide to grow my bangs out, then get sick of them in my face, so go totally short. Then I get tired of having to use so much product, so I grow it out again. I love the idea of longer hair, but have decided short probably just suits me better.

  7. Lately I have been growing mine out, for the very reason that I want to be able pull it back when I run or am outside with the kiddos. I am never happy with my hair, though, and change it up quite often (even went red for awhile a few years ago; scarred Isabel for life!)

    Good luck with your decision!

  8. Oh girl....this is a constant struggle of mine. I finally got a cut that I love and it included high and low lights. I am really happy with it. I think the key is being able to be completely honest with your stylist without the fear that she will take it out on your hair. I usually tell the person who cuts my hair that I love it (even when I don't) and then I go home and cry and pay someone else to fix the problem. The stylist I have now, I can be completely candid with and she will do whatever I want. I don't leave until I'm completely satisfied.
    I hope you get a great cut.

  9. Come down here and go to the lady I found at Fantastic Sams... I told her I was tired of my non-style and wanted it shorter. She started cutting and scared the HELL out of me... there were HUGE pieces of hair on the floor.

    And then... it was done. And I LOVE IT!! It's got layers and the curl came back and YEAH!!!!!!!!

    Good luck this afternoon. Remember.. it's hair... it grows back!!!

  10. You are beautiful!! I think you should go for it! It's just hair after all and a good hair dresser can take you through the rainbow and bring you back! :) I'm a blond naturally...didn't know if you knew that...and am thinking of going back. But, I love the red, so I'm driving my hair dresser crazy!! I think of it as a fun accessory!!
    Can't wait to see what you do!!

  11. I solved my hair problem years ago. If you look at my avatar, closely, you'll see the result. :)

  12. As you have probably heard me whine, I have a love/hate thing with my hair. Curly hair is nice most of the time & then I remember that I'm an ADULT. LOL!! I joke that curly hair is for 3 year olds and poodles, not a grown ass woman like me.

    Having said that I always tell my hair dresser to scalp me b/c it is a headache to take care of longer hair. She never does. God bless her.

  13. Ahhh hair...I too have a love/ hate relationship. I tend to grow it really long and then chop it off somewhere above my ears. I've done that at least 15 times in the past 2 decades.

    You have a beautiful face and I do not doubt for a minute that whichever hairstyle you choose to frame it in will look marvelous!

  14. You know, chopping it all off is pretty nice when you're running in the summer time also. ;) You know I love short hair, but I can also definitely understand wanting a look that pleases the hubz. I have gotten rid of outfits I loved because I just don't love them anymore when I find out Roger doesn't really like the way they look. It's silly, I know. But he is the one man who needs to be attracted to me, and I'm too chicken to do something that changes that. I guess I'm lucky he loves my short hair, because it's so comfortable and I hate the feel of hair on my neck. I would not be able to grow it out, even for him.

  15. My life is a constant cycle of cut-it-short and then grow-it-out. I'm growing it out now and it's finally long enough to pull back. Have to admit, I am loving the ponytail. Now, I know myself and know I will be wearing it in a pony every single day until I get bored and cut it short.

    I say stick with it and enjoy the ponytail for the summer and the race. You can enjoy the highlights for now and look forward to having another change to pull out of your back pocket later.


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