Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ah That Sweet Baby Sound

I've seen a few laughing babies around the internet and I considered not posting this, that people might not want to see yet another one. We could just add it to our archives and keep it for our own personal viewing pleasure. But then I decided that, like myself, the warm and loving people who venture into my little corner of the internet could never tire of this wonderful and joyous sound, so here are 35 seconds of pure baby fabulousness.


  1. I love how I get to come here and have my baby fix! Very sweet! :)

  2. That is indeed pure baby I just wanna kiss her chubbs. To-die-for! I always love laughing babies--and babies in general, so never be afraid to post her adorableness for all of us to enjoy.

    YES! Huge Joss fan...that's me! Of course I have all 7 seasons of BTVS and all 5 of Angel on DVD...and Firefly...and Serenity. I go to on a daily basis for my Joss-fix, so I've been following Dr. Horrible for a while now. But I hadn't been to that actual site, so THANKS for the link. Way cool...way!

  3. Baby laughter might be the trick to curing cancer it's so happy. I love watching the unbridled glee. And that thigh goosing thing works every time. One of my daughter's first words was "ticka-ticka-ticka." (Tickle)

  4. I was feeling kinda beat down until the Bean brought me back up :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Baby laughter is the best sound in the world.


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