Thursday, October 2, 2008


Preparing for another flight with the Bean. This time my friend Aparna will be joining me, while Neil stays home. She doesn't know what she's in for. Meanwhile Neil will be wandering around the house, probably half naked, scratching whatever part catches his fancy, while the beer cans and fast food debris pile up. Just kidding, my husband's not like that. He'll definitely have clothes on.

Where will I be, you ask, while my husband revisits his college lifestyle. I will be attending my 16th high school reunion. Why 16th, you ask. Because my class refuses to do things the normal way. I mean, seriously, who wants to have a boring old 15th reunion anyway. Not the class of 1992, that's who.

Our festivities will start with my high school's homecoming football game. What memories that will dredge up. Mostly good, but some not so much. One of only two times I almost got into an actual fistfight was at a high school football game. I'm a total pacifist and a complete wimp so no punches were actually thrown on either occasion. I am a bit of a smartass, though. Luckily, after apparently picking fights on two separate occasions, I got my mouth in check.

I used to love Friday night games. Going to the university football stadium where my school played. The crisp autumn air and the smell of burnt popcorn. Meeting up with all of my friends, watching the game a little, but mostly just wandering around talking. It was so much more about socializing than supporting our school's athletic program. Unless you had a fella on the field, in which case you were all about the game.

There will be more events over the course of the weekend including a trip to Skateland, a tour of our old stomping grounds and a cocktail party that will likely include too many cocktails while we reminisce about all of our old shenanigans.

I am so excited to see all of my old friends. Some of whom I have not seen since high school. I will no doubt have many tales to tell upon my return.

PS - Please keep your fingers, toes and whatever else crossed that Sophie is good on the flight. Amen and hallelujah.

PPS - I'm sorry I've haven't been out visiting all of my bloggy friends quite as much the last few days, it's been a little insane in the Land of Bean (colds, no sleep, packing). I plan to come see all of you upon my return from Oz.

PPPS - I keep forgetting, but I wanted to thank everyone for your super kind words about my haircut! I will dine on that praise for months. Truly.


  1. Best Wishes on a safe and fun trip!

  2. You and me, sista. Cross all SORTS of appendages!!!

    Whoopeee ... here we go!

  3. Damn girl -- two fistfights!

    Have a blast at your reunion! I kind of wish I were going to a high school football game. Good memories.

    I will be attending my 15th (the Class of '93 does things right) reunion in early November!

  4. It sound like a great time!! Wishing you lots of luck on the plane--shell do fine!!!

  5. Have a wonderful time! (hey, I was class of 1992 also!)

  6. I got a lot of comments yesterday on my SITS day, but yours probably made me grin the widest (if that makes sense). Thanks for making my day!

  7. Enjoy your trip! Read you when you come back.

  8. Crossing my fingers for an easy flight and a fun trip for you!

  9. Did you have the reunion? I swear, anymore, I feel like just being on facebook I'm having a reunion with everyone everyday! It's almost weird!! :) I'm not looking forward to a first flight with my kiddos. Hope yours goes well.

  10. Totally been out of the loop lately trying to catch up on the SITS love...but I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying your time at "home!"


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