Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lunchtime Observations*

  • Grilled cheese must be cut in twain to be truly enjoyed. And you must say, "cut in twain" while you're doing it.
  • One slice of cheese is good, two slices, much better.
  • Turning away for just a moment to make googly faces at baby makes a grilled cheese burn.
  • A slightly burnt grilled cheese makes a lot of smoke.
  • When eating a slightly burnt grilled cheese, burnt side up is best.
  • String Cheese must be eaten in strings, somehow it doesn't taste as good in bites.
  • Sophie starts crying after approximately three bites of a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • I can do two "hard" Sudoku puzzles while eating a grilled cheese sandwich, a handful of chips, a string cheese and one pickle spear.
  • Sophie can be counted on to throw her sippy cup on the ground approximately 58 times while I eat lunch.
  • I'm starting to think the cat likes being squirted with the water bottle, he gets up on the table so much.
  • Whoever said that two cookies is a serving clearly did not like cookies.
*Some of my longtime readers might recognize this post from the early days of the blog when it was still B of B. I'm in kind of a funk right now and instead of pouring out more of my negativity, I thought I'd replay something a little more lighthearted.

**Sorry for the picture quality, but oh. my. god. Is that kid cute or what??


  1. yes she is so cute and I hope that you get out of your funk soon!

  2. She is adorable. I love the photo. I am wishing positivity, love and light your way.

  3. She is a cutie! I agree, string cheese can only be consumed in string form.

    I swear, babies have a built in mechanism to sense when their parents are eatiing. Ava can be perfectly quiet but as soon as I sit down to eat it's all over.

  4. It appears everyone is fighting the battle of the funk...

    also, YES!! I could put HER between two slices of bread! :)

  5. How funny! When my youngest was a toddler, he used to oder 'boy cheese' (at home and dining out) because he thought his sister was ordering 'girl cheese' rather than grilled cheese. lol

    how did it go yesterday?

  6. We toast our cheese. Mommy is too lazy to deal with butter and pans and such. And "cut in twain?" My new "a la cusine!"

    That picture is THE BEST.

  7. Now I'm craving grilled cheese!

  8. SO cute. If we lived on the same coast, I'd take you out for curly fries in an attempt to defunk you. :)

  9. That kid is so cute! Let her smile take you to de-funky town!

  10. Too funny! I deal with the same thing, although you'd need to swap out the soduku for an issue of Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, or Consumer Reports and the sippy cup wouldn't be on the floor. It would be lobbed at my head.

  11. LOL--you're so right about the string and grilled cheese! And yes--she is so cute!!


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