Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cleaning House

Not enough brain power to do a real post, so just some thoughts banging around in the old warehouse.

- I'm sick. Again. I started feeling icky Sunday, it got worse over the course of a couple of hours and by 3am was bad enough to send Neil to the guest bedroom because I was keeping him up with my snorting and snuffling and nose blowing. All day yesterday was spent laying in bed, blowing my nose about a gajillion times. Starting to feel human again this morning.

- Because I can't smell, I got a HOLY COW surprise when I opened up Sophie's diaper this morning. Even when you can't smell it, you really have to prepare yourself for one of those. Note to self: ALWAYS look first.

- Saw New Moon this weekend. While I had a few beefs (the sparkly business was still wrong), I generally really enjoyed it. Especially Jacob. All those months in the gym really paid off for Taylor.

- Due to "the ick" and being generally busy, I'm way behind on blog reading. I haven't even browsed through People of Walmart in days. (Which I know is mean-spirited and all, but my goodness it's funny, and they leave the house like that, so tough noogies.) Seriously, though, my apologies if I haven't been by to see you in a few days. I'm hoping to get caught up soon.

- Also way behind on my TV watching. Our dvr is 85% full. Considering it can hold like 400 hours, that's a LOT of programming. The good news is that as all of these shows go on their winter hiatus we'll still have new shows to watch.

- I inadvertently bought sweetened condensed milk rather than evaporated milk in preparation to make Lula's famous Pumpkin Crisp, which, btw, is CRAZY GOOD. Although I briefly contemplated attempting to adapt the recipe to use it, everything I read said DO NOT DO IT, so now I have three cans of the stuff. I'm charged with making a dessert for Thanksgiving, so this might be an opportunity to use it. Any suggestions?

So there you go. Blah. I read somewhere that you should never post anything but your A-game, top shelf stuff. That is, if you want to attract and retain readers. Meh. I'll have to work on that tomorrow.


  1. Hope you are feeling 100% soon! We have a full DVR as well. I'm not sure what the hell I've been doing when I should have been watching tv.

    I do have a recommendation for the sweetened condensed milk. Many bar recipes call for it (Magic Bars, Hello Dolly Bars, and one I make with chocolate graham cracker crumbs and toffee chips that I can't remember the name of). You layer a bunch of good stuff in a pan, pour the sweetened condensed milk on top and bake.

    Since I decided to do NaBloPoMo, I feel like I am posting C grade material most every day!

  2. I always use the sweetened condensed milk! Just skip the sugar and you'll be fine! I promise...

    Also, I add oats and pecans to the cake mix on top, which makes it even better.

    Good luck, and hope you feel better soon! It would suck not to be able to taste Thanksgiving dinner...

  3. Oh hell did I give you my cooties? I sure hope not.

    As for the sweetened condensed milk, my favorite thing to make is 7 layer bars. Mmmmmm.


  4. A Game? Attract and retain readers? Damn. Is THAT how this all works? Who KNEW? Wow. I'm gonna hafta go back and start all over.

  5. Ditto to the 7 layer bars.

    Hmm... where can I get my hands on one of those at lunch time....

  6. LOL that is why I prefer to make friends who will read whatever drivel I write regardless of its merit! To me it is fun when people are real and admit that life happens. I am so sorry you are sick! I hope you're feeling MUCH better by Thanksgiving!

    On the milk - My MIL makes a great icebox/freezer pie that we all love. I can't remember what she calls it but it's like a fruity ice cream pie with pineapple... sounds weird but so yummy! I will try to dig up that recipe for you if it sounds good to you! We all adore it!

  7. You're always on your A-game, Girl! You still got me laughing out loud and misty. Just hang in there and be thankful for those days that not being able to smell it all is a blessing. Hope you get to feeling better soon, and have a great Turkey Day! Hugs to Sophie and Neil!

  8. Oy. I'm so sorry you have the sickies. I hope you're feeling better. We just went through a week of it here. No fun.

    And really? Always my A-game? No wonder I have no subscribers.

  9. Since you're feeling sick, I will forgive you for your lack of bloggy reading! ;) JUST KIDDING! Truly, feel better... awww!
    Also? I loved New Moon... I'm quite obsessed. I guess you probably know that already though, huh? I love Edward AND Jacob. Bella is just one lucky girl, that's all I have to say! I mean, come on! How unfair!!

  10. Sorry Cara is not on her A game......BUT......thanks so much for heads up on the Wal-Mart people. I am ROTFLMAO and I sent it to like 8 friends who are equally delighted :)

    Get well soon!!!

  11. I have been sick for over 2 weeks. I am so over it!

  12. Sorry about your cold crud

    That picture had to be taken at my Wal-Mart. I think I've been behind butt-crack mama more than once.

    My DVR is pretty full, too. I haven't caught up on stuff I missed during EE and now I'm out of town again. I think I may just try to catch up on HULU.

    The only thing I make with sweetened condensed milk is key lime pie. Good stuff.

  13. Hope you feel better! Now I gotta check out that Walmart site....

  14. It's not about the readers though, is it? It's about FRIENDS, girly.

    Feel better. I cannot WAIT for pumpkin pie!

  15. Whoa girl...not sick again! Gotta love those diaper surprises!

    Sweetened condensed milk I can eat with a spoon just cause I'm a sicko.

  16. Hope you are feeling better by tomorrow. It's no fun to be ill on the holidays.
    Yeah, I didn't care much for the HOLY COW surprise packages either.

    Happy Turkey Day


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