Thursday, April 22, 2010

Does Anyone Know Where To Find Magic Swimsuits?

I am a procrastinator. I procrastinate. Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow? So when we decided to take our first ever family vacation with some friends and their kids to Myrtle Beach this summer, naturally I waited to make the reservation. In my defense, the trip is is still months away and the last time I checked, there were rooms aplenty. But when I finally went to make a reservation a few days ago, Mr. Online Reservation told me they were booked. Not to be deterred, I called the hotel. Who told me the same thing, only with a slightly condescending tone of voice.

Needless to say, Neil was PISSED and I felt like asshole of the year. The couple we're going with already made their reservation, at least someone has their caca together, and because they got a crazy good non-refundable deal, switching to another hotel wasn't an option for them. So we were faced with the prospect of staying at a different hotel from our friends, which would completely change the tenor of the trip.

But fate smiled on us. Last night, just as we were about to book at another hotel, Neil decided to check one last time at our hotel of choice, and would you believe they had rooms available? They did. And not just rooms, but the particular type of room we wanted, too. I don't know what happened. Maybe there was a block of cancellations, or maybe there was a computer glitch before. I'm going with my fairy godmother looking out for me again. Whatever the case, I'm pretty stoked.

Now, I just need to lose 20 30 40 pounds, and failing that, find a swimming suit that makes me look like I lost 20 30 40 pounds.


  1. Yay for the fairy godmother! How lucky is that?!

    So, where are you staying? We've been to Myrtle Beach at least half a dozen times, and (almost) always have fun.

    Good luck on finding that suit. And when you do, you'd better do a post about it so we can get one, too.

  2. Your Fairy Godperson did you well - but I rather guess you're on your own with that whole weight thing.

    Fairy Godpeople don't do weight. They just criticize.

  3. Skin of your teeth, girl. Skin of your teeth! LOL! Yay! It will be great now! You will have a great time :) We go there every year and love it.

    Suit it easy...I have seen your pictures! You are looking Fabulous!

  4. I have a magic swimsuit! It's European, though, and has a weird-sounding name.

    Here, say it with me:


    Seriously - it's magic.

    ;-) Anna

  5. A swimming suit is just that...a suit for swimming. No need to stress. =)

  6. Oh Cara, this is such great news! Good luck on the suit search. You are going to have a blast!

  7. Yay! I'm so glad that worked out. Now about that swimsuit...uh yeah, I got nothing. Sorry!

  8. Isn't it always that way. Something doesn't work for you. The car won't start. The internet won't connect. Your phone won't stop making that annoying noise. And when I bring it to my husband's attention...all of a sudden things are all sunshine and lemonade. Ugh.

    And that swim suit? I don't even like to go to our neighborhood pool. I prefer to hide. Maybe we can start a movement to bring back bathing costumes? Or the notion that women's legs should be covered because ankles are too enticing?

  9. Awesome...I hate when I screw up and then things magically work out. Then I with I never told Husband so I never had to hear him whine at me. is where I got mine this year...well made and good shapes. I would recommend ordering a size up. You can locate them through Gap's website too.

  10. just buy everyone else really dark sunglasses. works like a charm.

  11. My extended family had a really fun Myrtle Beach vacation a few years ago! Enjoy! Have you seen the movie Shag? If not, promise me you'll watch it before you go.

    Also, try Land's End for swimsuits. I bought some I liked there last year. I'm not saying I looked 40 pounds lighter in any of them, but there are lots of mix and match options. If you find one there, let me know before you buy since they send me a coupon code every other day.

  12. When you do find one of those suits, send one my way.

    Sounds like a great trip!

  13. Yeah, put me on the list too when you find one of those, lol.

    Great on the hotel! Wouldn't it be funny if your friends switched hotels and THAT's why you got the room? lol.

  14. Lordy I hate me some swimsuit shopping:P It ranks right up there with jeans shopping...not fun.

    Great news on the room though!

  15. You will be on a commercial about starving populations if you lose 40 pounds...but I found cheap suits at BJ's. Not sure about "magic" because I haven't tried it on...but at least it won't cost a lot...

  16. Tankini. It's all about the tankini. Wait, are those still in style?? What with the inexplicable resurgence of skinny jeans, I must say I've stopped paying attention to the fashion world.

  17. Whoa lucked out!!!
    And please, when you find that magic suit...send one my way!!

    And BTW, I just realized my oldest will be in Baltimore 2 days this summer when he's on tour with his choir!

  18. Okay, you'll think I'm nuts, but I thought of this post this morning when I saw a clip on the news about a muslim fashion show. The bathing suits were those long berka type outfits.


  19. Here's the magic swimsuit...

    Lots and lots of Coronas and Bloody Marys. ONE MORE ROUND FOR EVERYBODY.

    And then everybody looks swell.
    Thank God you're not breastfeeding anymore.

    p.s. If you find an actual magic swimsut (that's not one of those $200 Slimsuits), please clue me in. I'll buy 5.


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