Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Teeth

Yesterday while we were laying on the bed having a little play, I pulled Sophie's lower lip down so I could see her little tooth. She giggled at this, so I did it again and got more giggles. So this turned into a full blown ventriloquist act, with me moving her lips and doing Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Four score and seven years ago... We were both laughing pretty hard, although I suspect for different reasons.

I've been wondering how I could get a picture of her tooth without prying her mouth open since she is so reluctant to smile for the camera. Later when she was in her swing, I got out the camera and pulled on her lip again and surprise, surprise, she was just as entertained by it and allowed me to take some pictures. Turns out prying her mouth open was the way it had to happen. Who knew she'd be okay with it, though?


Footed Sleeper: $12
Black Leather Recliner: $700
Daddy's Face When His Baby
Daughter Fell Asleep In His Arms: Priceless!

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