Monday, January 18, 2010

I (want to) Feel Pretty

I miss dressing up. Skirts. Dresses. Ruffles. Flowers. High heels. I wouldn't have thought I'd miss this stuff when I said adios to the corporate world, but here I am, longing for a pencil skirt and a pair of ankle boots.

These days, it's all about practicality. I only wear skirts when I am going out sans bebe. Mostly because I just spend too much time on the ground with her. And heels. Sigh. Lugging around a 25 pound kid is not especially conducive to anything more than two inches. Even that is too much for most days.

So I jump on every opportunity I get to dress up. Except that after two years of mommy gear, my dressy wardrobe is pretty slim. And I mean that literally. All of my dressy clothes are at least a size too small because they come from my pre-baby time when I was at least 10 pounds thinner. Not to mention the newest of them is three years old. While I have never leaned towards the super trendy stuff, in fact my style could most accurately be called boring conservative, even classics need updating from time to time.

Here's the rub. I'm working really hard to lose weight. So I don't want to buy pretty, frilly stuff, only to have it not fit in a couple of months. And it WON'T fit in a couple of months. (She says with absolute conviction.)

But wait! We're going to see Young Frankenstein at the Hippodrome this Saturday as part of our second fourth anniversary celebration. We're going with my best friend and her boyfriend, who are themselves celebrating their first anniversary. So just as I was starting to feel down about never looking fabulous, I find myself with the perfect excuse to get all prettified. And even though I don't want to buy clothes that might not WON'T fit soon, I will.

Now, if I could only afford those shoes. Sigh.


  1. My wardrobe is crap. For some stupid reason every time I need something new, so do one of the kids. I can't wait til they stop growing! lol.

    I say buy yourself something new now and then wardrobe shop like crazy after you shed the weight you wanna loose. Like you said you don't want to have a ton of nice new clothes that are too baggy. Then again, you don't have that much to lose so maybe it wouldn't matter.

    Have fun! I wouldn't even know what's in style anymore, lol.

  2. Those boots are yummy...I have a gift card that I need to spend, but I don't want to buy my current size either!!! What's wrong with us? As Clinton and Stacey would say, "dress the body you have now." I just don't wanna!!!!

  3. I know exactly how you feel! I own precisely 2 dresses, neither of which is newer than 3 years old and the only reason I own them is because I had to attend to events where a dress was required. I bailed on an event last week because I literally had nothing to wear and couldn't go buy something new. Not to mention that I too don't want to buy something cute (at this weight) only for it to not fit in a few months. My new frugal mindset has me convinced that I should probably go hit a consignment shop for a couple of inexpensive but functional pieces to get me by until my hot bod is back. Have fun shopping and happy anniversary!

  4. Treat yourself to a little something new for now to keep up your motivation.

    I know it's pointless to be pondering my appearance at 7 months pregnant, but I am feeling so not-pretty these days. I also know with absolute certainty that once I lose all my baby weight, I have no cool clothes waiting for me in my closet or my bins.

  5. He loves you - just as you are. He loves you in 'mommy gear'. He loves you - and loves the fact that you're fighting the fight against creeping bulge. If you must get something 'chic' - how about a dress that wraps - so that as you get thinner, so does the dress?

  6. Have a great time! Go shopping, and buy a fabulous outfit. I'm more of a pants girl, myself, with pretty tops and nice shoes. Even buying one new item can totally complete your outfit, you know? :) Good luck with your continued weight loss... It's my constant struggle!

  7. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy each other.

  8. Here's my take on something like this, if I wait till I'm *insert size* to *insert verb* then I'm missing out. Truth is I don't know if I will ever be at that perfect weight and I don't want life to pass me by while I'm trying.

    Even though I believe that you WILL lose the weight, I'm glad you are getting that new outfit.

    Enjoy the new duds & the night out! Happy Anniversary!

  9. I have always believed that to feel the best about yourself and to motivate yourself to loose weight you need to dress your body now. So go out and buy some new clothes that fit you and look good now. And when they don't fit in a couple of months there is always ebay, craigs list, or the tax write off from a donation.

  10. Forget the tax write off... buy the size you are now, then in a few months when the new duds are too big for you (and they WILL BE) you can donate the outfit to a pal who hasn't lost any weight.

    Read: ME.


  11. Oh you absolutly must go shopping.

    If you are a different size in three month...ah..BONUS!!!! YAY!

    If not, who cares! It's all about today! Go have a great time and feel pretty!

    No shoulda, woulda, coulda...!

  12. I always say buy the cheap trendy top and the nice expensive pretty shoes. The shoes will still fit after you drop that dress size.

    (That's my theory but I haven't changed dress sizes in a looong time.)

  13. one outfit is worth it. Don't go nuts b/c I know you'll lose the weight but one dress won't hurt. Have a great time

  14. I so miss looking good *sigh* I don't even wear make up these days. Who am I?

  15. Heels? Oh yeah, I remember those.
    I think I wore them years ago...back when I wore make up.

    Glad to hear you'll be getting a night out and an opportunity to dress up. It's definitely nice to do it every now and then :)

  16. WOOOHOOOO!!! You should buy something new! You deserve it! And when it doesn't fit you, you can throw it out and reward yourself by buying a NEW and smaller outfit! I hope you have a blast!!! Sounds like fun. ANd YES, please take a photo of your outfit. :-)

  17. P.S. -- I totally get not having anything cute to wear. Currently I rotate about three shirts and two pairs of pants. Two of my three shirts are getting little holes in them, and it sucks, but they FIT me, so I keep on wearing them. GRRRRR. I've decided this year is the year I throw out clothes with holes in them (which I will hopefully be blogging about soon), so I may have to go naked soon cuz I'm not sure what I'll have left that will fit me!

  18. First, hope you guys had a great night out!

    Now, I totally understand the "closet full of nothing to wear." I currently possess exactly such a closet. I have exactly one pair of work pants (black, thank God) that fit (two for summer). I have exactly one dress that works for summer. I have one, count this one pair of jeans that I can get into. And they now have a hole in them. So it won't be long before I am forced to buy some new clothes, even in the sizes I keep avoiding because I do NOT plan to stay this size forever.

    It always kills people when I say things like this because most people think I am plenty small and I get lots of snide comments from people who just don't get it. But honestly, I'm 10-15 pounds over what is "normal" for me, which has brought on the clothes problems (because I gain all my weight between my chest and my thighs). So, the workouts and attempts to eat better continue.

    I am tired of feeling frumpy though, so I currently getting more serious about this whole diet and exercise thing. It's not happening overnight, but it is happening slooooooooowly. Even though nothing in my closet is less than a year old, I will settle for now for getting back into what I've already got, LOL!

  19. eek, sometimes we are so alike, it is scary. Although I do hate Young I guess we aren't the same person after all. Phew!


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