Monday, February 1, 2010

Funny Word Verification 3

Crainkey - What I am in the morning.

Balsac - Is explanation really necessary here?

Spenses - I'd like to go shopping, but we got spenses and they's no money left.

Intheed - That boy ain't right, intheed

Nartze - My favorite new curse word.

Repoo - The result when the dog goes snacking in the litter box.

Pingly - I'm all pingly in anticipation of the season premier of LOST tonight!

Blogtrotting - A portmanteau of web log and globe trotting. It's a virtual travel experience you don't want to miss!*

What word verification did you get?

*How was that for a subtle plug?


  1. you know for the longest time, I thought that word verification was just random letters put together. I didn't get that they were words. ;)

  2. Fabulous.
    Thanks for clearing things up for me.

  3. At our house, we call them litter cookies. Repoos, that is. Yum, yum!

  4. I'm Pingly too! For LOST. lol. They better not be jerking us around and for real give us all the answers, lol.

    I did notice they did a photo shoot which was in our local paper in which they are posed as in the last supper. Hmmmmm.


  5. I have to admit I hate word verification when I comment on posts. But at least it's funny sometimes - like now :-)

    Do you disagraw? (my word verif: "disagraw")

  6. Why do dogs repoo? It's so gross!

  7. I'm pingly too!! And repoo = grossville.

    My word is ingef - it means I need to go ingef some food now cause I hungry.

  8. Here I was thinking I was the only one who kept track of those things. I have a list 2 pages long of hilarious captchas.

    Mine for this post: sallasi

  9. "Pritsa."

    I don't know what it means, but it makes me want to wash my hands.

    :-D Anna

  10. These are hilarious!

    Mine = "dupers"

    Which kind of makes me think of either someone saying "super" with a head cold and a lisp, or something having to do with diapers.

  11. totally just "carabeed" aka: had love at first sight.

    Biddler: as in "good crap woman, is your biddler rattling again?"

  12. Mated.

    As in: I mated, and now have offspring.

    Of course mine was sexual.

  13. logispe!

    you are logispe hilarious.

    i am loving this post (sorry, i haven't visited in awhile and i was doin' a little catching up!)


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