Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SNoMore 2010

PS - Just to clear up any confusion, Sophie did NOT say hi.That was me.

PPS - Hey Lula, Brandy, Heather - Did that stomping sound like Paranormal Activity or what? Imagine hearing that when you're in the basement and you don't realize Sophie isn't in the room with you.

PPPS - I was watching this for maybe the fifth time, when Neil asked me what I was doing. I was like, "THAT is what my voice sounds like? And you have to listen to that every day?" He says "Other than that you sound like you're doing a hostage video, your voice is fine." Fine. The ubiquitous FINE. As in How's Dinner? How do I look? What do you think of this rug? How about a trip to Jamaica? Okay, he didn't "fine" that last one. I wish.

Update: The snow FINALLY stopped this evening. We're still completely buried, but at least it's not coming down any more. Halle-frakking-lujah.

Update 2: The official total for this last storm was 19.5 inches. And we're calling it the "little" one.

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  1. At least you're snowed in with that cute little snow bean. =>

    Also, can cars handle that much snow? Can doors? Yeesh.

  2. I was wondering the same thing about the cars.
    That bean is SO cute.
    Hope you guys dig out soon!

  3. TOTALLY channeling the Paranormal Activity there, Cara! Creepy.

    And you have a nice voice. Really, it's fine.


    Seriously, you have a great voice. Not nasally, not whiny, great inflection...shall I go on?

    I so feel for you in all that snow. I've been feeling sorry for myself with OUR snow, which doesn't even compare to yours. At least my kids are going to school today!

  4. I OUR news is covering more of YOUR area's snow than our own! lol. I heard 54 inches and a complete shut down for your area! That's crazy!

    I love your voice. We all think we sound weird on tape. But you actually sound quiet like a golf commentator. lol. You've got a very nice sounding voice.

    Hi Sophie! lol.

  5. That is so totally freaking awesome (says the woman in the sunny state of Florida) it probably wouldn't be so freaking awesome if i were there.
    Have a great evening.

  6. Between last night & today I must have seen your governor 100 times telling people to stay off the roads. I know we had a lot but dang, you guys got A LOT! And then some.

    Craziness...I think they said it was more than 79" this winter. More than Buffalo NY.

    That stomping would be totally creepy. Especially at night.

  7. I am laughing so hard. It doesn't sound exactly like your voice. And yes, it sounds like you are doing a hostage video.

  8. I just cannot get over all that snow! You must be stir crazy!

  9. I didn't think it was ever going to stop. We spent the day digging out and I can't move now. So much fun....not!!!

  10. Ok, um, never mind. I take back my whines. My 12 inches is JUST FINE AND DANDY. We don't need any of your psycho Ohio snow over here.

  11. Oy. I'm so sorry. I hate storms like those. I get cabin fever and feel as if I'm never going to leave the house again.

    Hoping for some freakishly warm rain or weather to melt some of that away for you all!

    p.s. Your voice is so remind me of a DJ I listened to at work on the radio late at night doing song requests :D

  12. Awesome!

    I FINALLY got the sweet potato fries posted. Sorry for the delay! And thanks again for the recipe; it's a new weekly favorite!

    We went out and played with Miss Pixie in the snow for a while. I'm going to upload those photos in a bit. She's such a cutie but can't wait to have kids lol!

  13. I cannot remember the last I was living in aplace where there was any snow. Oh Lord.

  14. Holy cow, that's a lot of snow! I feel for you.


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