Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jingle Bells

Last year, I was pretty much on the ball with our holiday cards. They weren't mailed yet, but they were at least in the late design stages. However. I couldn't get my stuff together when it came to decorating. I just couldn't find the spirit to bedeck our halls. So our tree didn't go up until the week before Christmas.

This year, I couldn't wait to get our tree set up. Starting around Thanksgiving, I badgered Neil to climb up in the top of the garage and get it down so I could set it up and decorate. I won't lie and tell you that it's construction was without it's speedbumps. Every year, I pull out all of the parts and kick myself for not having a better system to remember which pieces go where.* And there was some crankiness while I scratched my hands up as I placed, re-placed and then fluffed the branches. And neither the cats nor the kid were especially cooperative when it came to ornament placement. But I had lovely carols playing on the stereo and a pepperminty candle burning on the mantle.

And when I plugged in the lights. Ahhh. It. Was. Breathtaking. Sophie, standing a half dozen feet from it, spread her arms and WOWed. That moment was enough to make any pain and suffering worth it. A thousand times over. So our tree went up the first week of December and now we'll have nearly a month to enjoy it's twinkling beauty. God, I love Christmastime.

Now, I just need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do about our cards.

*THIS year, I'm instituting a color-coding system. Remind me round about December 26th, will ya?


  1. You are awesome. I have neither cards going nor a tree decorated. I just can't seem to get around to it this year! Eck.

  2. Your tree is just lovely and I bet that WOW was so, so worth it. We put ours up the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It makes me happy whenever I look at it which and when your family room/dining room/living room is all one room, you can look at it all the time! I keep hoping for a lazy night on the couch reading a novel next to the tree. I have to make that happen. Wishing you plenty of peaceful moments this holiday season.

  3. Same here. Normally mine would be shipped out weeks ago. This year...haven't decided what we'll take a photo of. Tree's 1/2 decorated. Whatever happens, happens lol. LOVE that new bean pic in the the tree! HOW SWEET!

  4. I'm the designated tree-fluffer at our house. My husband says he can't do it as well as I can ... Think he's scamming me to avoid scratched-up hands?? =>

  5. Our tree is up, 98% of the presents are wrapped, and the Christmas cards should get in the mail next week.

    In related news, I'm exhausted.

  6. I think it's hard to get in the spirit when you are so tired from chasing a toddler around... Just speaking from my experience here :)

  7. I will totally remind you about the color-coding. And we put our tree up early this year, too, because I thought this kid would be out by now. But how funny is he?!? The joke is on us! He's decided that due dates are for chumps!

  8. Do your branches have to each be placed in the pole? We used to have one like that when I was a kid. It was a pain.

    The trees I have now go together in three pieces. SO EASY.

    I hate the fluffing. HATE. IT. My arms get so scratched up. Next year I'm wearing long sleeves and gloves.

    Your tree looks beautiful.

    I haven't gotten my cards back yet. I hope they will be here Wednesday. I'm late doing mine.

    I haven't received many this year either. By this time last year I had at least 20 or more. I only have SIX right now. Either people aren't doing them for whatever reason or I've pissed a lot of people off. LOL!

  9. Purty! I nixed cards this year & I feel kinda bad about it but I was plagued with a bit of bahumbug. Now I feel like I'm super behind. Tis possible I always feel like that.

    Since I've only gotten two cards this year I will assume everyone else feels the same way. :)

  10. If you have the opportunity, it might be worth picking up a new tree on clearance after the holidays. I did two years ago and OHMYGAH! You don't have to figure out where branches go anymore! They just fold down!

    Sorry. I found this to be earth-shattering news when I discovered it. I'm easy amused like that. ;-)

  11. We usually do that same thing - enjoy the tree all month long - It's 11 days before Christmas and it has yet to even be brought out of the upstairs closet. Maybe this weekend? (I'm hoping so).

    BTW - your tree does look WOW!

  12. We got one tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving (the kids couldn't wait) and then the other 2 the weekend after Thanksgiving....but I just got my cards today, they'll go out this week, I always do this with the cards and I really try to do better each year, LOL!


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