Saturday, February 23, 2008

Morning Playtime

Every day, after Sophie's morning nap, we go to the living room and have a little play time. Sophie lays on the sofa, usually on her tummy because that's her favorite position these days, and we listen to her sing-a-long CD. I do most of the singing. Sophie generally just stares at me and laughs a little. I prefer to think she's laughing because she just loves playtime so much rather than at my singing. Her favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus." I hold her hands and do the round and round motions with the song and am rewarded pretty much every time with smiles and gurgles.

She started playing with one of her toys today. This sounds silly, but up until now, she may have held onto, and possibly even shook, things when I wrapped her little fingers around some part of it, but not really at her instigation. But today as I was changing her, she reached out and grabbed a hold of the little dolly that sits on the edge of her changing table that has about 30 different textures and a variety of noises including squeaking, crinkling and rattling. Of course, her control of her arms isn't spectacular, so I had to help her a little (Read: keep the hard parts from falling onto the soft parts of her face.) I want her to learn from her actions, but I also want a child with two eyes. Call me overprotective, but I think depth perception is a pretty important skill.

I have a cold right now, so I'm trying hard not to kiss her too much for fear of giving it to her. How she doesn't have it baffles me, considering leading up to now I kissed her face about a thousand times a day, (look at those cheeks, how could anyone resist?). But so far, she's hale and hearty and has actually given me a couple of nights of nearly uninterrupted sleep. I think she knows I'm sick and is being considerate, my mom thinks its just coincidence. I prefer to think the former.


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