Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's Up Doc?

The day started at 5:45am when Sophie Bean woke up raring to go - damn daylight savings time. Needless to say, I was a little less than enthused to be up at this hour but there's no reasoning with a gurgling, chatty baby at that hour of the morning. (As if there were reasoning with a baby at any other hour.) By the time she finally went down for her morning nap, there was no way I could lay back down myself and have time to get ready, so I just resigned myself to being a wee bit groggy. You'd think I would be used to the sleep deprivation by this time, but somehow it still gets me.

I was a little nervous about the doctor visit because Sophie had to get three vaccination shots, which has been pretty rough on us during past visits. And by rough, I mean agonized crying, with big, giant tears rolling down my face. It's pretty hard on her, too. However, she was in a really good mood all morning, smiling and flirting with everyone we came into contact with, so I was optimistic that maybe things would go a little smoother this time. Ahhh, but then.

But then the doctor made us wait for 45 minutes in the exam room. She had already been weighed and measured, so she was naked except for her diaper. So there I am with a wriggling, naked baby in a room with no place to set her down except on the exam table. But she kept trying to eat the paper cover, so the only other place was in her car seat. Which isn't weird except that she was naked. I don't know why I felt weird about that except that it reminded me of this time I wound up driving home in just my underclothes due to a very large mud puddle. I can't even begin to explain that here, but suffice to say it was uncomfortable for me...and the neighbors who saw me run into the house from the car. Anyways, by the time the doctor got in there, we were both more than a little restless.
The exam itself is nothing, though, just a few pokes and some questions. The doctor pointed out that her top gums were very swollen indicating that she would likely be cutting her top teeth very soon. As I am still breastfeeding, all I can say is, YIPPEE.

Then we had to wait ANOTHER 10 minutes for the nurse to come along with the vaccinations. By this time, we had crossed from restless to cranky. Sophie only has a couple of good waking hours between naps and we were at the two hour mark before the nurse even walked in. So there was pretty much no way she was going to take those shots easily. And she didn't. She wailed and cried. I hate it so much. There's nothing worse than to see your baby cry. So, on the way home we stopped at Wendy's and got a frosty. The doctors tell me that anything I eat, she eats, so really it's as a treat for both of us.

At least we don't have to do that again for a while.

Anyways, current stats: 14 pounds and 25 inches. She's a bit light for her age but nothing to be worried about. More interestingly, her head circumference is in the 75th percentile, while her weight is in the 15th. So my beautiful little girl is the proverbial orange on a toothpick. Maybe that's why she's having trouble sitting up. The good news is we got the okay to start her on solid foods. Let the hilarity ensue.

Neil had a run-in with a tree the other day while mowing, which explains that big scrape on his forehead. I'll blame that funny smile on too much caffeine.


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