Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Comes Around...

The other day I was complaining talking with my mom about Sophie. She said that when I was a baby, she told herself that I was such a pain that she wouldn't even wish me on me. Does that make sense? As in, you know how parents always say, I hope you have a kid just like you so you understand what it was like? Well, even in her extremely frustrated state, she couldn't bring herself to wish me on anyone. I was that bad.

Of course, I got a child who is as feisty as I ever was. Maybe more. I at least slept through the night at some point. Sophie? Still thwarting my every attempt at a good night's sleep.

Here is what she has accomplished so far today, and it's only 11:30:

Climbed up on her changing table via the Diaper Genie and a drawer she pulled open. Ingenious.

Ate A & D Creme (while sitting on the changing table). Sucked it straight out of the tube. Yum.

Dumped out the contents of my bedside table. Including those things that I now realize need to be better hidden. (ahem)

Spread about 150 diapers around her room. Luckily they were clean. I won't tell you about the time she got into the diaper trash can. (shudder)

Threw my hairbrush in the toilet.

Chewed on my toothbrush, then tossed it on the bathroom floor when she lost interest.

Threw a Snapple bottle, retrieved from the recycling bin, into the powder room sink. Huge amount of noise, luckily, no breakage.

Pulled every toy out of her toy box seemingly looking for that one thing...

Tried on one shoe of every pair of shoes she has, a not insignificant number, and carried the matchers to an undisclosed location. I will probably still be finding shoes long after she has outgrown them.

Stripped off her pants and diaper no less than 6 times. (We had a major accident yesterday following one of these depantsings. I still can't even talk about it.)


Pulled out a nearly full box of Kleenexes into a surprisingly big pile. They compress a lot in the box, but when fluffed? Look out!

She is now peacefully napping in her crib. I can see her sweet little form on the monitor. She is on her side, her chin tilted up just so, her little arms stretched out at an awkward angle. No doubt she is exhausted from her morning's activities. I love her so much it hurts, but if she's like this at 18 months, what am I in for when she's older?

Update, 5:15pm: In trying to climb onto the dresser/changing table again, she pulled it over on herself. By some miracle, she is completely fine. I, however, am dead from a coronary.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading that!

  2. Gosh! lol.

    My mom wished 'me on me' and that wish came true. Just remember...it's gonna get a lot better (until she hits 14...lol)

    You need a nap! Good luck!

  3. I she should be Summer's best friend. They could totally conquer the world together!

  4. Oh Darlin, I so feel your pain! Emmy is 3 and still on the destructive warpath. I hope it gets better for you!

  5. Where do they get this energy?!

    And you don't have to worry about destructive behavior when they get older... it's the attitude you have to watch out for.

    Not that I know of this firsthand with my two little angels...

  6. a whole lot more and she will just become faster.

    I loved this post. It made me feel like I was at home. ;)

  7. That exhausts me! Tell me I can just pop my kids out about 5yo!

  8. I have one EXACTLY like me. Adorable, yes, ;) but quite the stubborn and manipulative streak. Actually two like me. Thank God for the middle child!

    Hang in there, Mama!

  9. It is best that the Bub and the Bean NEVER meet. The destruction and chaos that would ensue would be of epic proportions.

  10. Oh my gosh... I remember those days.. and I don't miss them.

  11. I am so happy I am not alone in this....

    good luck

  12. try these words. and take none... "sit down on your bottom!' I say that ten (thousand) times a day. Instead, they test me over, and over, and over, and over... I'm just the geek in their circus.

    SIT DOWN NOW. Or the chair is going away And oh, hell yeah, all abused furniture can leave the room. I am Godzilla of furniture.

    Still trying to win this war. And it;'s barely started.

    I Feel your pain.

  13. she sounds like my 5 year ol d- WHO HAS been to the ER at least once a year - I once called 911 because she took a nose dive off my bed - she was only 13 months old - SHE FREAKED me out so bad around 117 months that I REFUSED to put her down - EVER! I wouldn't do it for like 4 month straight.
    It doesn't stop - just go with it girl - just go with it!

  14. She's like a Mexican jumping bean, hopping from adventure to adventure.

    I love it when you say "depantsing." I totally stole that term from you...and credit you warmly and accurately each time I use it. I do. Really.

    Is tonight your girls' night out? You SO deserve it. Go have fun.

  15. I'm giggling at the descriptions of her adventures -- the things kids come up with!-- but I'm also totally sympathizing with you. Cleaning up after all that mess (and heck, even trying just to keep up with her) must be exhausting.

    I'm glad to hear she didn't hurt herself though... other than the skinned knee!

  16. Holy moly! Xander would probably be more into stuff too, but I have two helpers (older sibs) to order after him. I can't tell you how often every day, I say Where's Xander?? Go check on him!!! It's amazing how FAST those little folks can get into mischeif!!

  17. Bless your heart...what a day in the Land of Bean!!!!

  18. A&D... the condiment of choice for all Toddlers.

  19. Oh. My. God. I hope you have a lot of energy! But don't worry, you'll forget all of this stress she put you through as soon as you get all starry-eyed about having baby #2...blissfully forgetful!

  20. Man, even with sleep I would think you'd be exhausted.
    Now I'm going to go have me a lunch of A&D, Mmmm!

  21. The fun is just beginning! ;)

    We can just tell ourselves that with children like these, they will be natural learners because they are so curious and no one will ever pull anything over on them because they are so confident.

  22. Wait--are you me?? This is exactly what my day looks like every day--A & D even!!

    Midget is 19 months and a COMPLETE MANIAC!!

  23. OMG she IS busy!! I think
    I need a cocktail after reading that! And EWW on the A&D ointment!!

  24. If Sophie is like you, then you and I were a lot alike. I think you know what's coming....can we say temper tantrums in restaurants and mishaps in department store dressing rooms?? This is why I will never be so brave as to have a child.

  25. Wow, if A&D ointment tastes anything like it smells...


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