Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Top Ten: Anywhere But Here

I've been feeling pretty frustrated lately. Sophie is so inquisitive, which I guess is good, but she is also EXTREMELY willful, which is not so good. She is into everything and simply will not accept no for an answer. Maybe someday that will do her good, but for now it is driving me crazy. Some days I just wish I could teleport myself away. Away from the crying and screaming. Away from the "Stop! Don't! Get down! Please eat! Don't eat that! Another poopie diaper?! Arghhhh!"

Ten things I wish I was doing right now, if time, money, distance and my 30-something metabolism were no issue:

1. Sipping a cup of tea in a sidewalk cafe on the Champs Elysee while I admire the gorgeous fashions of zee French ladies.

2. Sunbathing on a white sand beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico while charming little Mexican men bring me salty, limey margaritas.

3. Laying in bed. All day. Anywhere that has no kids. And no cats. Just me and a stack of books.

4. Looking out over Loch Ness from the battlements of a medieval castle, fancying I see a head poking up through the waves.

5. Eating beignets in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Listening to all the fun accents and wishing I could live in one of the beautiful wrought-iron adorned homes.

6. Driving on the back roads of Kansas. Nothing but wheat and cornfields in any direction.

7. Enjoying a full day of pampering at the spa in the hotel we stayed at for our wedding/honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas.

8. Drinking copious quantities of ale from gigundus steins in a beerhaus in Munich.

9. On an unlimited shopping spree in New York City with my best friend to tell me what not to buy and a personal driver so we don't have to toddle around on our mile high Louboutins. (How freaking fabulous are those shoes!!)

10. At an all you can eat crab leg buffet, melted butter up to my elbows and a never empty ice-cold Dr. Pepper at my fingertips.

Where would you go? What would you do?

Have a great weekend!


  1. What I LOVE about this post is that I just took a mind-trip around the world in like 2 minutes. That was WONDERFUL!

    Me? Maybe Ireland. Or Hawaii. Or whale watching in Alaska.

    Gotta go check out the sussing from your last post. OMG, that show is getting soooo good! This weeks ending? Stunner...did you know? I didn't.

  2. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! I don't care where, anywhere without my resident short people...

  3. All of those options sound great. Especially the Louboutins!

  4. You've been doing some dreamin', eh? I'm right there with you. On all of them. I'd add a log cabin in Montana in the fall with nothing but my bible, a fireplace and all the chicken nachos with sour cream and guacamole I can eat.....:) My hubby can come if he promises to stay out hunting all day and just come back right before bed for some snookie. Other than that, I want to be left alone.....:)

  5. How about a wine tasting room in Sonoma, just a few steps away from a restaurant that specializes in local, fresh cuisine, and a hotel with a hot tub at the foot of the bed?

  6. PLEEEEEASE take with you!!!!

  7. Awwh, I'm sorry to hear that she's driving you so crazy lately... however, what a great source of inspiration ;)

    I especially love the idea of heading to Paris or New Orleans. I can dig it!

  8. Ahhh.. reading your list was like taking mini-vacations! I'm with ya on all of it but #10.

    Is now a bad time to tell you that it only gets worse? LOL!

    I am so used to constantly correcting my kid, telling him "no, yes, in a minute, not right now, put down the cat, eat your lunch, pick up your toys, because I said so, stop it, do you want to lose an eye, get down, turn off the light" and so on and so on. I even do it at work with staff and customers. They look a little shocked at first but then think I'm fabulously clever and funny. How little they know.

    Chin up!

  9. Just reading this made me feel a littel more relaxed so i hope it was helpful for you!

    (I also find it amusing that even in your dreams you are still wishing to live in a cool New Orleans house...why not move the fantasy to one of the verandas!)

  10. I like the part about staying in bed all day...and the margaritas.

  11. I love little Mexican men!

    I know what you mean, though. About the diapers. It's like a machine designed to break me down. Actually, earlier today I said, "Tell me I'm smelling the dirty diaper I just changed and that you didn't just made a new one. Because if it's a new one, I'm sending you to an orphanage."

    But I kept him anyway.

  12. Mmmm! I was just at #10 last weekend. My 30 year old metabolism is NOT thanking me for that one! LOL

  13. Comfortable chair, view of the ocean, sunshine but ready access to shade as well, cool drinks, salty snacks, and novels to read . . .

    I'd settle for trip to the mall by myself: Auntie Anne's pretzel (cinnamon or almond crunch) and fountain Diet Coke.

    Heck, I'd settle for both boys asleep at the same time during the day for more than twenty minutes.

  14. Wait. You're a SAHM right? How hard can it be?

    I'M Kidding! Kidding! Takes one to know one!

    Sign me up. I'll go to any of those places. In fact I hear Cabos fairly empty these days. We'd have the whole beach to ourselves ;)

  15. have some good choices there! You pick one and I will just tag along!

  16. I don't know half the damn words in that post Cara.

    But it sure does sound nice:)

  17. Any of your choices would work for me!

  18. My kids are driving me ape right now too. Annoying. When can we leave?

  19. Any of the 10 sound good to me... EXCEPT for the crab legs. I'm not a fan of seafood.


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