Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Own Personal Hell

A sickness has taken over my house.
First it was the babe.
A veritable onslaught of snot.
Then it was the husband.
Same symptom, bigger weapon.
And now I'm starting to feel off.
Guess who still has to take care of everyone, though?

Pray for me.


  1. Poor Baby. You, mostly. Mamas never get to properly be sick. :(

  2. Dear Lord,

    Please heal Cara soon. And give her strength, patience, and plenty of naps.


    Yes, I prayed for you. And I'd click off your blog, but Caroline keeps wanting to look at "that baby's" picture. Adorable.

    And now she just said, "Why did you call her Sophie?" "Well, that's her name," I replied. "Oh...that bowl is really nice and yellow."

  3. Ughhhhh you poor girl! I certainly feel your pain! I hope everyone feels better soon! :)

  4. I know, it stinks that when we get sick, we're kinda on our own. It's miserable. I pray that God will give you supernatural strength and healing. Amen.

  5. I'm so sorry!

    Didn't you guys just get over something awhile back!

    You've already be there done that:(

  6. Oh no! We (and I mean WE--the whole fam-damily) were sick for the entire month of March. Drink lots of OJ and sleep whenever you can!!

  7. Oh yuck, yuck, yuck. Get some rest and take care of yourself first (or at least second)!

  8. Oh yeah. Ugh. Moms never got a day off. Or a sick day. Double Ugh. Hope it passes soon....

  9. Lord, please help Cara get better and then please help me. Yuck!

  10. I'm praying "it'snot" going to get any worse.

    Get well soon! Can you call in some reinforcements?

  11. Prayers on the way...

    Get well SOON!


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