Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Husband and daughter are asleep together in the recliner. Scenes like that touch me in a way that a hundred posed situations never could.

Meanwhile, I'm laboring to finish our holiday cards. I am the ultimate last minute Lucy, nothing gets my creative juices flowing like an impossibly close deadline. I've been trying to come up with our card for weeks. For reasons I can't explain, I just can't order one of the perfectly adorable cards a la Tiny Prints, I need to create a unique and personal Christmas card.

It's not a foundation in graphics or the arts. I was an economics major, people. Which isn't to say I don't have my creative tendencies, but I have always gravitated towards the sciences and math.

So here I am, racing to get this thing done and mailed in time to arrive before Christmas. While just a few days ago, I sat in front of the computer, staring at a blank screen, now the ideas are pouring out. The burden now is to select the one that best represents our little family.

Decisions, decisions.

Neil picked his favorite. Went right to it from the dozen or so choices and proclaimed it the absolute best. Do I agree? Not 100% sure yet. They're all my babies and I love each one for different reasons.

I'll print out a tester and sleep on it.

Speaking of, I think I'll go join my family for a snooze in front of a football game we care nothing about.

PS - We got our tree up and mostly decorated today. I think I'm FINALLY getting some of that Christmas spirit I've been hearing so much about.


  1. I won't name names, but a certain someone we both know didn't get her Christmas cards out until the following...


    Let's see if she outs herself...

  2. Ahhh! I love Sundays like that! We have cozied up today and taken naps and just enjoyed all the left over food from last night's party and enjoyed each other. It has been awesome:)

  3. We just did our tree with weekend too. And I have totally given up on the whole card thing this year.

    Hope you enjoyed your nap.

  4. Ditto to what Shannon said...I won't out this person, but yes, MARCH. It was hilarious.

    (She may or may not have been with us in Tennessee. She may or may not live in Tennessee. Near Shannon. Is all I'm saying.)

    We all napped today. 'Cause my Christmas cards have long been sent. Ahem.

  5. Go Cara GO! I am so impressed. I just completed half my shopping YESTERDAY. And besides the tree and (most of) the decorating, I have done not one other thing. I swear I just don't know where the time goes. But I want to find out because somewhere there's a whole lot of it stored away!

  6. That's funny. I'm guessing that person will out herself....I spent the entire afternoon dozing in my recliner.

  7. No naps for me this weekend or ever, it seems like. I ordered my holiday cards about five minutes ago . . . next job is recreating the address label file that I lost when the hard drive crashed.

    Glad the holiday spirit is sparking at Casa Bean!

  8. I do have a foundation in the arts and I would love to just put the picture in one of the frames and order it. Brad however hates the prefab ones and wants to do his own. Except he hasn't done it, and I'm the one who sends them out.
    I've actually already gotten two e-cards this year, and I'm seriously thinking of going that route. I think if I get one more, I will accept that the world truly is ready for digital and I'll CC my way to a Happy New Year!

  9. Well that's a start! This year we did something different. We designed a card online at Walmart. It's a 5x7 with 12 spaces on the front. We were able to include 12 little photos, many out takes of this years final shot. I love this card. And, it made it easier to NOT have to narrow lol

  10. After writing Christmas cards and then not having the postage and then NEVER MAILING them one year, I have finally abandoned the hopes that I will be writing them again anytime soon. It felt like I was breaking the rules the first time I DELIBERATELY Didn't send them. But now? It's just one less stresser in the season. But I DO like getting them! Especially with glitter. ;)

  11. I still haven't done Christmas cards, and I'm not even going for personalized ones at this point.

    I still haven't wrapped any presents yet. And you know that nap is sounding awfully good right now.

  12. Ha! I need you to pass some of that Christmas spirit on to me... I've just been so scrooge-like lately. With just general life things, its just so hard to do the whole Christmas thing. I hope to snap out of it soon. Yay to you for your found spirit and for those last-minute juices.

  13. What??? It's last minute?? Crap.

  14. OK...I haven't even taken the picture yet........


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