Thursday, May 13, 2010

All Thumbs Thursday - Spring

A nod to my friend Mep, who created All Thumbs Thursday but who hasn't been doing much blogging lately, other than our BlogTrotting* fun, due to the recent birth of her little girl!

What has my Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down on this yucky Thursday morning?

The beguiling aroma of freshly mowed grass. / The itchy, watery eyes and runny nose associated with pollen and grass allergies. Zyrtec, take me away!

Waking up to yellow rays of sunshine. / Confused that it's still daylight when we put her to bed, Sophie fights sleep until the sun goes down. AT 9. Conversely, she's up at 5:30. Ugh. Double Ugh.

Breaking out the flip-flops and fun summer clothes. / Packing all of my winter clothes away only to have the temperature drop 30 degrees and having to dig it all back out.

Pedicures! / Having to shave my legs so I don't confuse the lady at the nail salon about my gender.

*Are you signed up to host a tour for BlogTrotting yet? Get to it!


  1. Everything you thumbed up, I love!!!

    I came over from TJ's today because she did the Blogtrotting post. It was fabulous so I decided I needed to visit.

  2. Ack! If I have to unpack the winter clothes one more time I will cry! I am ready to settle into summer:)

    Great List!

  3. I need a new prescription for my allergies STAT. This has been the worst year in history for my sinuses.

  4. I've cursed the weather many times in the last week. I would have cursed the gods, but they've stopped listening.

    And my boy goes to bed at 11pm, so I don't feel sympathy.

  5. ha ha, love the part about the leg shaving. I loathe shaving my legs.

  6. OH how I hate the transitional time of summer/winter clothes! And the shoes too- one day I'm in Keens and the next- mudstompers. Argh! Weather just make up your mind (pick warmth please) and stick with it!!!!

    Thanks again for the Blogtrotting opportunity- I had a blast!!! :)

  7. having so many wonderful blogs to read/having very little free time and free hands to comment on them

    loving to post on my own blog/having very little free time and free hands to write posts

    But I'll be (really) back soon!

  8. I'm mid way through unpacking summer clothes. I've done three of my boys and my girl, got rid of three rubbermaids full of clothes...then I lost a little motivation...come on sunshine, give me some juice!

  9. Yeah, the weather here is weird as well. 80's one day, 40's the next. I have to do the wardrobe switchout.

    And yes, allergies are HORRIBLE this year! I recently put my kids on Zyrtec. How's that working for you? We've just started.

  10. Oh how I've missed your posts! Sophie's sleeping patterns sound so much like how my older daughter was. I swear I felt like a walking zombie for years!

    And I hear you on the weather. The temperatures have been wonky lately.

  11. There are some upsides to Daylight Savings time and summer (I loathe the heat and shaving my legs) means fall is not too far off! Of course, this will mean the date getting closer to EE '10 that I will not be able to attend. That makes me sad. and mad. Dangit. Now I'm going to feel about fall the way I feel about summer.....come on winter....:)

  12. P. used to be that way with the daylight savings. She would say to me: "but the lights are still on, I can't go to sleep yet.".

    Drove me crazy.

  13. I was wearing capri pajama pants with unshaven legs...couldn't stand it, even if I was the only who saw me!

  14. Flip Flops- holllahhhh!

    Amazing to see you once again at GNO last Thurs. THANKS for stopping by Pajamas and Coffee and lovely to see you here in Beantown as well.


    You coming to BlogHer?

  15. Oh pulleeease. You are so pretty, Cara. I am sure the nail technichian suspects you're a woman. :)

  16. Sophie is going to make a fantastic farmer one day not burning daylight and all.


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