Monday, June 7, 2010

The Best Cure For Insomnia Is A Monday Morning

Waking up after a second night of taking Melatonin.

Backing up just a couple of steps. I've been having trouble sleeping. Which isn't exactly true, I sleep just fine. I can sleep for hours and hours. No, I've been having trouble falling asleep. I will read a book or play on my iPhone for awhile, but I generally turn out my light at a not ridiculous hour. And then I lay there. Sometimes for hours.

I've worked the lifestyle angle. I avoid caffeine in the evening. I work out. No good. I've tried taking the over the counter stuff, Tylenol PM, Simply Sleep, etc, and it helps, but it leaves me so groggy in the morning. I have to be there for my daughter in the morning. And there means that I can't be only barely functional.

I've thought about going to my doctor and asking for a prescription, but I am reluctant to admit defeat. I can conquer this. Somehow I feel like admitting I am having trouble with something like this means there is something bigger wrong with me and I definitely don't want to admit that.* So no doctor.

So I turned to my favorite source for alternative medicine: Twitter. And Twitter's advice? Melatonin.

This morning I awoke from my second night of melatonin aided sleep. And I feel good. I feel rested. I feel awake. I'm not saying its for everyone, and it has only been two nights, so hardly definitive proof, but so far it seems to be working for me.

Gosh, now what will I write about?

*Of course, here I am admitting it to you and everyone. Irony, I know.


  1. Melatoin is great! No groggy feeling in the morning! Glad you're sleeping better friend!

  2. Yoga always helps me settle down and I use it for my 5 year old too. I tried melatonin in the past, but gort frustarted because one expert says you should take this dose at bedtime and another at a different dose in the middle of the day. It made me feel like no one knows what they are talking about.

  3. glad you found something that will help. sleep is so very important to my attitude. lol

  4. I heard about melatonin as a sleep aid just a couple months ago. I'm glad something is working for you! Sometimes I have a hard time turning my mind off while trying to fall asleep. Which is the last thing I need when I fall into bed exhausted.

  5. I tried melatonin and no dice. But, if this works for you, I did find a sleep routine to be helpful. That is, do not read in bed, but do read (or do something calming, i.e. no Stephen King - you need something good but not too good) at the same time every night and have a cup of tea. They make melatonin tea, and another herbal remedy (which also did not work for me) is valarian which is likewise available in tea form. Good luck!

  6. Good for you! I'm glad you found something is working!

    I have had trouble with sleep since I was little, and KNOW how frustrating it can be. But knowing that my bottle of Ambien is nearby on night's I need it is half the battle most of the time. I only take it when I really need it, and LOVE that I can depend on it (no groggy feeling for me in the morning)

    If you still have trouble, know that there is nothing wrong with asking for occassional help from your Dr. (That's what they are there for :)

  7. Twitter doctor is great. Totally trustworthy, too. Glad you're sleeping a bit better. I totally understand. I have issues falling BACK asleep, though. 4 am and I'm up? Then I'm usually UP for the day. yuck

  8. Glad to hear it's working so far. My poor mother has horrible insomnia. She can't go to sleep or stay asleep. She's had to take adivan (?) for years. Sadly, it's caused so much weight gain because of eating late at night without even remember doing it.

  9. Yes, try yoga. I'll be curious to follow your melatonin taking. How interesting, cuz I just saw something about this on tv the other day. Careful, I hear it causes sleepwalking, lol.

    And....I hope your not on the pill. If so, be veeeery careful! lol :o)

  10. Good to hear it's working for you. I have sporadic issues with sleep so I will have to remember this when they arise again.


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