Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Complaining. Just Stop Reading Now If You're Looking For Upbeat, Funny Stories.

This was going to be the triumphant "Yay, I didn't yell at my daughter all day yesterday!" post. And that is totally true. But.There's always a but, isn't there?

First the success. Yesterday. Yesterday, Neil went in to work late and he let me sleep in. That's the first and probably most important thing. I got an extra hour of sleep. Which still only brought me up to about 6 hours for the night, but that's better than 5, right? So my outlook on the day was a lot better than most other days. Sophie was mostly agreeable all day. We had one or two minor squabbles, but generally good times. I made a conscious effort to be in the moment, aware of my actions and in control. And it worked. I didn't yell at her once. Okay, once I barked out NO when she wouldn't stop digging in the freshly potted baby basil plant after repeated instructions and attempts at engaging her in other activities, but other than that teensy transgression, we did great. And I'll tell you what, I felt pretty good about it all. So good that when Neil had to work until 8, I wasn't even really phased by it.

But then there is today.

Awakened at 5:45am, which is WAY earlier than I can stand, after another shit night of sleep, punctured by a strange nightmare where I was on board a haunted Titanic while ghosts hurled flatware at me. That sounds funny now but it had me awake and shaking at 4am. But I still wasn't going to let it ruin a good thing. Sophie gave me some fight changing her diaper, but I took Lou's advice and made her laugh with some thigh gooses and belly raspberries and that helped.

We came downstairs and had breakfast, which was not without its challenges, but I kept my cool. Afterward, we went down to the tv/play room, got our play on for a bit, then I turned on the idiot box with the hopes that I could catch a couple of zzz's while Sophie enjoyed a viewing of Cars. This lasted just long enough for me to doze off in the recliner. Then she climbed up on me and kicked me in the face. That's right. She kicked me. IN THE FACE. And the screaming commenced. So much for calm, cool and collected.

Maybe I should take up yoga.


  1. Oh, man... I'm sort of laughing over here. When I see you (even briefly!) at BlogHer, remind me to show you my 'love scars' my children have given me. I've got SCARS from bites and scratches. And the kicks! My children have the strongest and most painful kicks. To the face! OUCH, mama. You had every right to yell... it was unexpected, first of all, right? DO NOT FEEL BAD! HUGS!

  2. oh no. I'm sorry. It's good to know that perfect mommys aren't always so perfect

  3. Oh my goodness! That is TERRIBLE! Hopefully the rest of your day will be better. Isn't it crazy how such a little person has the capacity to hurt us??

    I'm sorry I've been so out of the loop lately. I've been neglecting the blogging world so much, and it's so sad. :-( This new job of mine is kicking my ass! I am HOPING to post this week...uh, which means I have tomorrow to do so! UGHHHH. I liked your blogging field trip to NYC! Next time, let me know you're coming--I'd love to meet up!

  4. Kick in the face would always lead to mommy screaming around these parts...ouch! What the heck? Was she pi$$ed that you were dozing, or just being ornery?

    This, too, shall pass.

    In the meantime, I like LceeL's idea :)

  5. Hey, you're human. Anyone who owns an idiot box is going to turn that thing on and doze when they can. I can see how a kick in the face would incite a bit of mommy anger, though.

  6. Oh Lord, that is so not cool.
    I used to catch some Zzz's on the couch when my boys were watching a show on TV but I would have to turn towards the couch cushions for the exact reason you just described.
    I wish I had some awesome words of advice for you. Some gem of wisdom on how to best deal with this stage. Sadly, I am at a loss.
    Maybe the yoga idea is a good one. Can I join you?! LOL

  7. Holy I evil b/c I think this story IS funny??? I totally respected you for everything and was reading intently until she kicked you in the face...then I started the middle of the library...while I'm alone...thanks for making me look like a loser!

  8. Whoa girl...we just had the 8 yr old kicking the 4 yr old in the face here today...while she was drinking from a cup...that cut her mouth head started spinning and I was spewing green stuff everywhere let me tell ya!!!

  9. I hear's something in the air. Parenting has been REALLY hard in our house for the last couple weeks. A kick in the face...that's harsh:O

  10. No kicks in the face around here, but LIttle Bit has a real knack for stepping on my bare feet and, more recently, pinching me.

    Lately, my good parenting days have been really, really good, but my bad parenting days have been really, really bad.

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  12. Yes, maybe you should consider yoga. And some meditation. I think your problem...much like my own...was that I wanted to stay home and raise my kids but didn't want to let anyone lend a hand and remove pressure. (or barely ever). I often envyed moms that worked so they could get the hell out of the house and talk to 'big people'. lol.

    I think the secret is school. And since Sophie is not yet school age...I think your secret is someone who can give you two hours a day and you can LEAVE the house. :o) no, serious. If you don't leave you just hang on to that feeling that you're needed. Go out somewhere.

    If I did that early on, I might have made it through the teen years better, lol.

  13. I am so happy my kid is going on 7 and we have Teddy. I can even take a nap in the middle of the day if I really wanted to. I feel your pain. Been there.

  14. I, too, have been kicked after a partial viewing of Cars. Makes me wonder what kind of ideas Lightning McQueen is giving the kids...

  15. Oh man...I totally feel ya! It's so hard to stay positive. I have four wee ones and I try to stay calm, cool and collected - I really do - but there's only so much bickering, squabbling, devastation and kicks in the face that a person can take before eventually losing their cool. Keep fighting the good fight sistah!! :)

  16. Or maybe SHE should take up yoga, and you can catch some sleep meanwhile ;-)


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