Thursday, October 14, 2010


My darling girl is three years old today. I know that every single parent says it at every single birthday, but how did that happen? How have three years passed since she came into our world? She was just my tiny little bean and now she is a KID. She walks, she talks, she opines, LOUDLY. We have our highs and lows but every day with her is an adventure.

And now after more than one thousand glorious days of on the job training, I think it is safe to claim to be an expert on child-rearing.

Just a few of my pearls of wisdom:

1. Potty training is more art than science.

2. I don't care how many experts say that you can get your kid to eat anything. Accept that you will never understand your child's culinary choices.

3. Sleeping in? Fuhgeddaboudit.

4. Clothes will be changed a minimum of five times a day.

5. Related to #4: seasons, weather and temperature have no bearing on clothing selections.

6. Tantrums happen only at the very worst times. Like in the middle of the painfully quiet craft store.

7. Your child will do things for other people they will never do for you. Like eat. Or sit still.

8. Forget about making phone calls during their waking hours.

9. You don't know stubborn until you've tried to keep a 3 year old away from a cupcake.

10. What worked yesterday will absolutely not work tomorrow. No matter how ingenious.

Happy birthday to my beautiful girl! Every day you make me so proud.


  1. Aw, happy birthday, Sophie! October birthdays are the best!

  2. LOL. Pearls indeed -- I think the one universal truth is you never know what will happen from day to day with kids. :)

  3. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to your beautiful little girl! And awesome peals of wisdom! YES YES YES to 2, 3, 6 and 8!

  4. Happy Birthday, Kid Bean. Hmm. That appellation makes it sound like she's going to go out and hold up a stage coach.


    Hey!! Bean!! Just remember that "Stand and Deliver" sounds ever so much more professional than a plain old ordinary "Stick 'em up!"

  5. Her first outfit of the day is very birthday appropriate...crumbs and all!

  6. I think the cupcake one works for adults too. LOL! Happy Birthday! I'm amazed on how much older she looks from the last pic I've seen!

  7. Happy happy happy birthday, Sophie. May her fourth year be even better than her third. And I am also amazed at how much older she looks now from her last pic. She's all grown up!

  8. Your list proves that mama gets wiser as baby gets older -- at least I'm hoping that's true!

    Happy, happy birthday to the Bean!

  9. Happy birthday baby girl!

    Ugh on the potty training ... I never did it myself, I let my kids tell me when they were ready. I figured, nobody got married wearing diapers to the alter. So I had time... Plus - I so HATED having to dash to every single bathroom in every single store for fear of "the accident"...

  10. Happy Birthday.

    Love the list. So true!

  11. It does go so fast, huh? You officially survived the terrible twos, congrats!!

  12. You are so right here.

    Happy Birthday to Bean.

    She was born a day before my Birthday.

    That is awesome.

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!! Enjoy every minute (as you already do)!

  14. You have learned much in 3 years, oh wise Grasshopper. The next 3 shall bring more wisdom.

    And gray hair.

    Happy Birthday Bean and Happy Momiversary to you!

  15. I love Lizzy's comment!

    Boy, the year of three. Gotta tell you it was the one that almost sent me over the age with the Gabester. But then he turned four, and all was right with the world.

    On the worst of days, remember there's hope. And on the best of days, celebrate and take lots of pictures, so you can get through the worst days.

  16. You are so right about that list! It's perfect. Happy birthday to Sophie!

  17. Happy Birthday to your lovely little lady. It goes by way too fast, and sometimes, I want to make it stop...slow down. But it's so amazing to see them turn into real little humans, not just whiney, leaky, snotty screaming entities. And your list is so right on, you may have to write a book based on it.

  18. Hope Bean had a great 3rd birthday ... which means I've been reading your blog for 2 years (I remember stumbling across your blog when she was just 1 year old!).

    Great list, too!

  19. These truly are pearls! I especially like number four. My girls change clothes constantly. And then put it in their dirty laundry. We're still working on what constitutes as "dirty" after only being worn for 2 hours.

  20. I just popped over from Rebecca at Unexplained x2 because I loved a comment you wrote there. Your blog is just as great! I'm settling in :)

  21. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sophie!! October babies are the best. So are cupcakes ... one culinary choice I know will always be a success. =>

  22. Looks like she had a great birthday! Ha, so true about the phone.


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