Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THE Best Valentimes Card

There are some moments that you later realize were pivotal to how you experience life moving forward. Of course you have your most obvious moments: marriages, births, promotions, but there are also moments that shape your world in smaller ways. For me, one of those days was in June of 2008 when a run of the mill weekly trip to the grocery store turned into a conversation in the check out line with another new mother who was there with her son. He was just a few months younger than Sophie and we bonded over the finer points (and failures from a mother's perspective) of grocery cart design. We exchanged numbers and email addresses. I don't think either of us could have guessed how significant that meeting would be.

Two and a half years later and that chance encounter has turned into one of the best friends I have. Katie has become a confidante, co-conspirator, companion, commiserater and emergency babysitter. We have our weekly trips to Chick Fil A, filling our tanks (and saddlebags, in my case) on milkshakes while the kids run like hooligans in the play area. We've spent countless hours at the library and the park and each others' houses. She's the kind of friend that I'm not embarrassed to have come over when my house is a mess and my daughter is wearing a swimsuit in the middle of winter.

Our children have grown up as close as two non-siblings can. They fight, of course, but they can also be so very cute, like when they spontaneously curl up on the sofa together for a little Diego. I don't think I'm the only one that not-so-secretly hopes they someday get married.

Because it is a requirement* in my friends, she is also super funny and terribly creative. So no surprise that she "helped" her son make the cutest Valentines card for Sophie. Christopher presented Sophie with her card when they stopped over after our return from a long ski weekend. (For those of you unfamiliar with Sophie's signature phase, check out this post.)

I think I'll probably frame it.

Thanks for everything, Katie, you're the best!

*More of a guideline than a strict rule, really.


  1. Aww, Cara, I just promoted you to BFF! Ryan's always teasing me "why don't you go call your BFF?" The feeling is mutual! You two are the best gift and have made stay-at-home motherhood so much more fun (and tolerable).

    Funny thing is, that day at the grocery store? I ran home and read your blog, then ran to Ryan and said excitedly "I just met the coolest person, I hope we become friends!" (so grade school, I know).

    Who knew?

  2. This is so awesome that you have a great friend like this. :)

  3. You and Katie are so lucky to have found each other! And that Valentine is so cute.

    You attract great friends because you are one!

  4. BFFs are the greatest, and the glue that holds our sanity together when it threatens to give way on our seemingly endless journey through motherhood/wifedom.

    AND I agree with Mep; you attract friends like that b/c you are one!

  5. Friends like that are REALLY hard to find. I'm so glad that you found yours. And your kids - both of you - both of them - are the cutest.

  6. that's so sweet. you are very lucky to have such a great friend.

  7. Cute card, but have to say the little couple is even cuter! And lucky you to have such a wonderful friend.

  8. Oh my, I just cried at this post! Friends like that don't come along often AT ALL. So happy that you & Katie (and Sophie & Christopher) found each other. What a spectacular gift!

  9. Here's to good friends.

    And that Valentine really is THE best.

  10. That's one for the keepsake box. So adorable.

    And I don't know what I would do without Chick-Fil-A and the mom-friends I go there with regularly so that our children can cough on each other, beg for drinks of our soda, and climb up the slide. =>


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