Friday, August 29, 2008


I might have mentioned before that I just adore the Backyardigans. I think they're super cute and their songs are so catchy. I have them in my library on Rhapsody. I began my love affair with all things Backyardigany when Sophie was small enough to sit in her exersaucer. She would play while I did blog stuff. Oh, I miss those days. I would put them on and we (meaning me) would sing and sing. Now, we've graduated to watching them on TV, although much like earlier days, I'm the one that usually winds up actually watching the shows. Sophie loves the opening song and bounces and sings (meaning she sort of hums and squeals) along, but then she loses interest and will go about her business spreading toys all over the place so that she never has to go more than a couple of feet without encountering something to chew on. This video mixes my love of Pablo, Uniqua, Austin, Tasha and Tyrone AND Fergie. Sophie actually likes Fergie, too, but since there's cursing I don't let her listen to it much. Because she never hears curse words around the house. Not from my pristine lips. Right.

By the way, she let me sleep in until 8 motherbleeping o'clock this morning. Yaaahhhhooooo!


  1. I don't watch the Yardigans, but they are on almost every day. My granddaughter Olivia loves them. She is almost four and has been watching them since she was old enough to watch tv. I love the song too. Another one we enjoy is Wonderpets.
    I am still in the process of thanking everyone for visiting me on BATW on Monday. I had a great time, but these thank you notes are getting me down. Am trying to finish before I head out for the weekend. So thanks so much for coming over. Love to see you again and to keep up on Bean.

  2. What? My kids still don't let me sleep until 8 motherbleeping o'clock. Ever. Or is that the dogs? Well, either way, I'm jealous over here.

  3. I too, love the Backyardigans. I was so sad about the recent Nickolodeon schedule change that put them on at 7:30AM, as previously, they had been my showertime babysitter at 9AM. I think my personal fave song is "Yeti Stomp" Also, O. did not develop the ability to sit through ANY show until he turned 2 -- now I can't tear him away, so surely more Pablo et al in your future!

  4. Cara, this is BEST thing I've seen all day. THE BEST. Can I please link this on my post? It might help as a buffer for yet another freaky admission from me. I think Pee Wee & Twin Peaks might have pushed folks over the edge. A little Fergilicious Backyardigan action is just what I need.


  5. I too find myself glued to the kids cartoons and yes, they're my shower babysitter too.
    The songs are catchy and so are the storylines.

    Yay to toddler cartoons!

  6. I like the Backyardigans too. They are fun but I can't watch a whole episode. They do play dutifully in the background while I blog and my son plays with his toys. I can hear the opening song right now.

  7. My Bub received a Backyardigans boom box two Christmases ago. It lights up and plays six different songs. I personally love to rock out to "Soccer Monster" because you can really headbang on that one.

    We also enjoy the theme song to Wonder Pets around here and also the one to Super Why (though, I find that show confusing). Of course, we just listen to the theme songs while we do art projects and flashcards. We don't actually watch television. Just kidding.

  8. LOL too funny! Yeah when the boys happen to land on one of their shows their songs stick in my head FOREVER. Cowboy and I kept bouncing one of the songs back and forth to each other in the library the other day. Yeah I know you're supposed to be quiet in the library but we were the only ones over there!

    I can't for the life of me remember a theme song that I put wrong words to in the first place - that weren't ummmm child friendly and I couldn't sing it the right way ever again. So I had to stop singing it. LOL If I remember what the song was, I'll come back and let ya know!

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I just posted it on my blog - it's a Wiggles song.


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