Monday, October 26, 2009

Party Hardy Said The Lady

I know you've all been on the edge of your seat wondering how the party went. The short answer is it went well. What I saw of it. I spent the majority of my time between the kitchen and the dining room trying to keep everyone in food and drinks. Occasionally, I poked my head into other rooms and chatted briefly with friends or located my daughter to make sure she wasn't causing too much trouble. I worked on the theory that with all of the other parents and family in the house, not to mention her father, she was probably pretty safe. And she was.

The rain, of course, came. And came. And came. In between monsoons, we got about four minutes out in the back yard on the playgrand before we had to drag the kids back inside. Not the end of the world, but it sure would have been nice to have most everyone in one place, the backyard, rather than spread out all over the house.

Oh yeah, and the cookies? Turned out kind of okay. I never actually ate one, but they all got eaten and people spoke highly of them. It might be because they knew of my angst and were just being nice, but I prefer to think they actually did enjoy them. I wish I had a photo for you, but while they may have tasted good, they did not look good. On the other hand, the cupcakes that I made came out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Of course, Neil asked me what they were. So no one else is confused: they are EYEBALLS. (The orange ones are spider webs.)

So as usual, much of my anxiety was unnecessary. A huge thank you to Katie and Chris for helping me out! Hugs don't even cover how much I appreciate your help. And to everyone that came, bringing smiles and gifts, each and every one is cherished. We are very fortunate, indeed. Our friends and family are such amazing people. They are generous and kind and an awful lot of fun.

Grazi. Gracias. Merci. Danke. Thank you.


  1. I am glad all turned out well. I missed your rants about the cookies but all's well that ends well.

    And you know what, I quit throwing big parties for my kids b/c I hated being the one working during the whole thing and never enjoying it. I decided that they can have a party when they will be happy with pizza and movies. ;)

  2. My confession....for all the kids "outdoor at the house" parties...I always make hubby sit outside with the kids, so me and the moms can chill inside...sitting at the table stuffing our faces...with chips, dip and cake.
    And do tell, what did he think they were???

  3. you are so very welcome! I know its hard hosting a party and trying to enjoy yourself. I always feel I have neglected someone. Lately I am more laid back, since I have a mom and MIL that can't seem to stay out of the kitchen helping during a party. Christopher had a really good time and I did too!

  4. Neil Neil Neil. lol
    How did he not know those were eyeballs and spiderwebs? lol
    Men! I bet if you were making boob cupcakes, he would have guessed those right off the bat, ha ha ha.

    They look GREAT cara! Glad it went well! Yea You!

  5. The cookie was awesome as I grabbed the last one!! Dennis was looking for more but alas I was not sharing because I was in the mists of sharing with two toddlers already. The party was wonderful even with the rain! and how can you not know those are eyeballs?? Neil? hummmmmm LOL
    so where's that recipe?

  6. I knew they were eyeballs right away! They're perfect!

    Glad the party went well, despite the rain.

    We might be needing some eyeball cupcakes in Tennessee. Or pumpkin ones. Hmmm, just cupcakes, then; you pick.

  7. Aren't kid birthday parties fun? I mean like a root canal kind of fun.

    And of course those are eyeballs. Duh.

  8. Glad to hear that the party was a success, despite the rain!

    And let's talk about those awesome cupcakes, Martha Stewart. MIghty impressive!

  9. How could he NOT realize those were eyeballs? Silly man.

    Looks like you had a GREAT party and I bet the cookies were awesome.

  10. Those cupcakes are awesome! Glad it went well!!!!

  11. I wish I could make cupcakes that look that good! Great job!

    Glad the party went well despite the efforts of the rain to spoil things.

  12. I get anxious before every event and 99 percent of the time I end up realizing I had no need too and yet, I still do it.

    Glad the party went well

  13. Yay!!!

    Good job mom! You did great:)

  14. Yay...glad to hear it was a success! Did you save me a cupcake?

  15. i know an eyeball cake when I see one. Loves me some eyeball cake! Sounds like it was a great party.

    Happy Birthday, Sophie! Two is awesome!

  16. Those cupcakes look amazing! I'm going to attempt something similar for a party later this week.

  17. Those cupcakes look awesome!
    And I knew immediately what they were supposed to be!


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