Monday, June 2, 2008


We had our second baby round up yesterday. From right to left, they are: Joey (5 mos), Lucy (9 mos), her big sis Gwen (almost 3!), Ben (8 mos), Sophie and Will (7 mos). I just love how they're all jumbled up in the picture with arms and legs all over the place. Plus how cute is Gwen hugging her little sister, Lucy! My friend Debbie and her two month old daughter Alyssa also were there. However, the tiny miss was comfortably asleep in her car seat, so we decided not to disturb her.

What's funny is that when Sophie was the itty bitty one asleep in her car seat, people would ooh and aah and wax nostalgic about their own children and I thought, with the vanity and confidence (such as it is) of a new parent, they were just being dramatic and that I would never feel that way. Once again, I am proved monumentally wrong. I was actually a little sad to see such a tiny baby because it truly did make me miss when my little bean was so small, and we're only five months removed. I don't miss the non-stop crying jags or the sleepless nights or the absolute doubt about every single thing I did, but god, she was cute. And so cuddly. Now, its like wrangling a greased pig to hold her in my arms.

When Sophie was brand new all I could think was, okay, this is it, NO MORE BABIES! But now, well, I might be singing a different tune. Don't get any ideas, Neil, the timetable is still the same. The idea of another baby is certainly growing on me, though.


  1. Your daughter is beautiful! Thanks for visiting Mommas Gone Mad! Hope you come back again.

    I know what you mean about being sad when they grow up. When my daughter was three months old she had already begun to outgrow her bassinet by my bedside. I cried when I moved her to her crib and secretly prayed she would have trouble with it and would just HAVE to remain at my side. I kept the bassinet at the foot of the bed for another couple months "just in case" and then cried some more when I finally put it away in the closet! Those moments haven't stopped yet, and my oldest is almost five. I understand these moments won't stop for a long time, if ever. *sigh*

  2. Oh, MGM, the trauma of moving the baby into her crib was HUGE for me. And I suspect that at each stage, I will look fondly back on the previous one, completely forgetting all of the unpleasant stuff.

    Thanks for visiting!!

  3. That picture is just too cute. I want to eat them all up. Man, time flies.. by little chubby baby is now a tall, skinny boy of 7.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I am off to look through your posts!

  4. Funny how quickly we forget. I've done it three times now...sworn off any more babies and then see one that catches my heart. I'm trying real hard to keep things in perspective now that number three is almost a year more babies...right??

  5. That picture is adorable. Wouldn't it be cute to take the same picture (babies in the same positions) same time next year to see the changes? That would take some organization!

  6. I know what you mean about missing those little-baby days! They are tiny for such a short time but you're trying to deal with a new way of life and lack of sleep and before you know it, they are crawling. I am looking forward to a second baby myself, hopefully!

    By the way, I loved your Mrs. Roper comment. I thought the exact thing but couldn't remember her name!

  7. Cara,

    Sorry that Mady and I missed the event. We'll definetely try to make it next time!



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