Saturday, June 7, 2008

She's on the move

The bean is officially mobile. In fact, putting her down on the ground ensures that she will be in, on, under and chewing on whatever is within a 10 foot radius within 6.5 seconds. She's surprisingly quick. We began the babyproofing process this morning by wrapping a strap around the freestanding gas fireplace we have in the basement to lockdown the access panel. Because despite all the other stuff, she is irresistibly drawn to that one thing which is, of course, the most lethal thing in the room. That hasn't kept us from using it as a changing table for the last 7 months (classy, eh?). Not while it was lit, at least, but still.

Any kid could put the rings ON the toy, but only mine can take them off with such finesse. That thing is actually kind of creepy. It starts talking/singing at completely random intervals. We'll play with it for a little bit and then leave it to do something else and five minutes later it will say HELLO! completely out of the blue. I think it's haunted.


  1. In more ways than one, BHJ. But those are tales for another day.

  2. Yay!!! What a sweetie. I just love this age when they start entertaining themselves...child proofing is key though. :)

  3. ps my url changed...I think you might have to fix your link to make it work.

    the new url is

  4. Thanks for the updated url, Kathy! I made the change.

  5. We've got a couple of haunted toys, notably some Melissa and Doug sound puzzles that can be activated by the light switch. I'll go to turn off a light and hear a dog barking or an ambulance roaring.

    Enjoy the crawling stage and start training for the chasing that is to come!

    sidenote: I love all your different headers . . . are they difficult to customize?

  6. MEP - Oh yeah, I have a feeling she's going to give me a run for my money. And the headers are just images I created in photoshop. Easy peasy. I had to manipulate the HTML a little to make them fit just right in the area, but that also is not complicated. I'm happy to pass along my knowledge on the subject, meager though it is, if you would like some help doing yours.


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