Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm in the quiet before the storm right now. As of about midday, I will go into high gear. The preparations required for two people and one toddler to go away for four days are far more elaborate than anything I've had to deal with before and that includes a two week trip to Europe for which I included every pair of shoes I own, four coats, six hats and 42 changes of clothes because they're so chic over there and I just didn't know how to dress.

Despite having traveled with her when she was a wee babe, this is uncharted territory. I can predict, roughly, how many changes of clothes to bring, likewise with diapers and such, although I am quite certain I will err on the side of WAY too much. Plus, we're not going to a remote wilderness, so if I forget something it's not the end of the world. But I feel the need to bring every kind of food she might possibly want to eat, because she is so picky and there's no telling from one day to the next what will please her delicate palate. She ate a whole string cheese today. I tore it into bite-sized pieces, but she picked it up, CHEWED and swallowed it all by her big girl self! So I will be bringing a cart of string cheese, which she will, of course, not eat. Because that's how it goes.

What do I bring for toys? At home, she has a plethora* of entertainment options, ranging from her riding horse to various noisemakers to books and so on. But she is nearly as unpredictable in what she will want to play with as she is in what she will want to eat. Do I just bring as much as I can fit in and hope for the best? I'm working on the theory that there will be 5 other adults and 2 other children (although one only 3 months old) to keep her occupied. Not to mention a whole house full of things to discover, so she won't need the toys as much as she might otherwise. Plus there will be snow to play in!

I am making a preliminary trip to the grocery store this afternoon. I will be going back tomorrow for all of the things I forgot. Which will probably be a lot. Plus, I have peanut butter balls to make, laundry to do and a house to tidy up so it's not a complete disaster when we leave. What am I doing sitting around, I need to get moving.

*"Would you say I have a plethora of presents?"


  1. Bring VERY FEW toys. Like three. I speak from experience, way too much experience on packing any more...

  2. Ooooh--very exciting! Don't worry, you'll do fine! And I agree with Kristi, don't bring a lot of toys, you won't need that many (maybe just a couple & a few of her favorite book?) Have fun!

  3. Ooops...I didn't write my whole name up there...??

  4. Ooo, have a great time! It's funny how you need a vacation to prepare for the vacation, and another vacation to unwind from the vacation!

  5. Oh I don't miss those days. I have to get the girls ready to go to their dad's for 3 days tomorrow and even THAT is high drama.

    i agree with the others, don't go crazy with the toys...

  6. I would go easy on the toys--she'll be excited to see all the new stuff that will be around--just a couple little things.

    Good luck w/ everything!

  7. How many toys are you really bringing? I can tell that you are a *heavy* packer. Seriously? I pack a small bag for my son (when we are gone for 10 days) and he never wears all of the clothes. Ever.

  8. Yeah, what everyone else said.

    Put 2 favorite (and small) toys in the diaper bag and call it a day. My girls never play with ANYTHING I bring along on vacation. They're too busy taking in the new surroundings and such.

    p.s. Eat some tasty balls for me, please. And you know of which balls I speak. (I couldn't resist, either!)

  9. Toys: Spoons and cups. Do you have like a magnadoodle for drawing? My kids learned to draw using those things starting around Sophie's age. A few books, of course. WIll she sleep ok in a new place? We got one of those little glow worm things and they love having that in their beds. She' will probably have plenty to do with the other kids and new surroundings. And another added bonus you may find she eats better when she sees what the older kids eat. Other kids are like rock stars.

    Most of all, though, have fun!

  10. Good Luck! I loathe getting ready to travel with my kids. I get all worked up because it seems like there is just so much I might forget.

    I say light on the toys as well. I find my son is more entertained the less stuff there is (which begs the question of why our house is so crowded with toys).

    Have fun!!! Are the peanut butter balls covered with chocolate in the style of "Buckeyes"?

  11. sometimes travel is not worth it.
    But I do hope that you have a great time.

  12. I agree on the toys. Bring some tiny toys that she can't choke on, a couple board books, 1 or 2 toys with wheels or motion, and a favorite cuddly. That should be plenty. You can have fun with plastic cups and sugar packets in a hotel room, if need be.

    Where are you going? I can't remember...

    Oh, and remember that she can always rewear an outfit. And pajamas. And socks, if need be. I try to pack within a color scheme so that everything matches and there's no big deal of "What will they wear?"

  13. Wow, a four-day trip! In the snow! I know it's a lot of work to prepare, and will be more work when you get back (as in laundry), but I hope you have a lot of fun!


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