Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Top 20: Random Things

Becky tagged me for this a couple of weeks ago. I thought it would be hard, but turns out I'm pretty random. So here goes, twenty random things about myself:

1. I can juggle and ride a unicycle. But not at the same time. What am I? A circus performer?

2. I am incredibly indecisive. It took me a half an hour to pick out one tube of lipstick at Sephora. Imagine what it is like for me trying to decide on an item from the catalog-sized menu at Cheesecake Factory!

3. While I have now lived in Maryland almost longer than I lived in Kansas, I will always be a Kansas girl at heart.

4. I hate being hot. You can always add more clothes or blankets to get warm, however when it's hot, you can only go so far. At some point you're naked and still hot.

5. My daughter has the same name as one of my childhood pets.

6. Grape gum turns my stomach.

7. At least one foot has to be uncovered when I sleep. But it absolutely, positively can NOT hang over the edge.

8. Every night, as I head up to bed, I have to check that all the doors are locked. Even if I have just walked in one of them, locking it behind me, I will come back and pull it to make sure.

9. I am a phone-phobic. I get super nervous whenever I call someone, even someone as benign as pizza delivery. I'm sure it dates back to my short-lived telemarketing career. Never yell at telemarketers, it may scar them for life.

10. I love Coca-Cola, but only over ice or in a can. I can't drink it from a plastic bottle. It just tastes wrong.

11. Against all odds, I'm actually not hating working out every day. Who'd a thunk it?

12. I can't stand country music, but I love me some Patsy Cline.

13. I was crazy about Star Wars as a kid. I wanted to be Princess Leia so bad I could taste it.

14. I am pretty sure I am the reincarnation of someone rich and famous, otherwise how do you explain this imperious attitude?

15. I have visited New York City more times than I can count and have never been to the Statue of Liberty.

16. I was not given a middle name at birth. It's something of a family tradition that girls are not given middle names with the expectation that when we marry we will make our maiden name our middle name. And so I have. We didn't give Sophie a middle name, either.

17. I have three first cousins, total, all only children.

18. I sleep on the left side of the bed, which according to some theories means I am in the driver's seat of our marriage. That sounds about right. (I love you, Neil! :))

19. When I was a kid, I had a pet turtle we found on the side of the road. We kept it in a kiddie pool and I made grasshopper soup for it by mashing up live grasshoppers. Yeah, that's not gruesome at all.

20. About once a week, I actually try to move things with my mind. Someday it's going to work.

So there you go, more Cara quirks. I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to do this if you'd like.

Have a great weekend!


  1. i headed over from jen's...and wow, super fun!

    i have a have a sophie. cute! love the middle name thing. great idea. but 4 girls later, i already messed that up. booo

  2. Wow--I agree w/ so many of these! Coke out of a plastic bottle--no way! I HATE being hot. Been to NYC millions of times--no Statue of Liberty.

    But the working out--that one I can't get on board with!!

  3. 7 & 12 - I'm so there with you! lol.

    16? VERY VERY cool!

  4. Okay, for number 4 I thought you meant hated being hot LOOKING. Until I read further. I was thinking, that's a good thing, right?

    You are missing out on country music. I swear! Download some Kenny Chesney and let's talk.

  5. I'm incredibly indecisive too! It can be slightly problematic...or can it?

  6. Right there with you on number 4 and number 9. I really wish I could email in my Chinese food orders.

  7. I loved this, really I did. I feel the same way about being hot. And I am just the opposite about soda. I don't like it form a can.

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  9. oh my gosh, I love these facts :]

    Related to #7, do you keep the sheet at the bottom corner of your side of the bed untucked? I do, my husband doesn't, and it drives him nuts for some reason. But if I tucked the sheet under the corner, I wouldn't be able to stick my foot out!

    Patsy Cline is classic. My mom used to have a tape of her break-up songs that we'd listen to in the car all the time.

    And I sleep on the right side of the bed... hmmm!

    You mashed LIVE grasshoppers? That's pretty brutal.

    Good luck with your telekinesis. I often say things like "If I could move this remote control to you with my mind, I would" or "If I could throw that dirty sock in your face with my mind, I would" to my husband, but I must admit that I don't try to make it happen ;)

  10. I think I am phone phobic too. It iratates the heck out of my family. I don't like to order food over the phone, I must read the caller ID, and I would rather much rather communicate in any other manner.
    I'm glad there are others out there like me:)

  11. Plastic bottle is my last resort for Diet Coke!

    By the way, I just REGISTERED for BlogHer!!!!

  12. I love these lists. So I guess this means you won't be visiting me this summer, huh? ;)

    And I'm with you on the foot thing. It has to "breathe."

  13. I have the same problem at Cheesecake Factory!

    And I'm pretty sure I was Princess Leia for Halloween at least three years.

  14. I totally loved your random things! I was right there with you on the Star Wars obsession as a child! Did you have the Princess Leia barbie doll?

  15. Anyone who can ride a unicycle is THE MAN.

    :^) Anna

  16. We could be the same person except for #1,3,4,5,10,11,12,15,17 and 19.


  17. Seriously? Juggle? AND ride a unicycle? Seriously?



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