Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Overlapsation Situation

I saw part of this video on a webcast my husband was watching today and I was dying. So I got on YouTube and wound up watching like 10 of this guy's videos. He. is. hysterical. Seriously.

Warning: There is extensive bad language. Do not play in front of children. If you're offended by the F-word, then I recommend you don't watch it. However, if you enjoy a little ribald humor, and people, I do, then you must watch this.


  1. Oh Damn! I cannot believe that it ended without a result! lol! (and I can't believe an 8 minute video held my attention, lol!!!)

    That music gave me a good laugh!

    I would have fought that too! What a crock!

  2. Kids in room now--I'll be back to watch it later!

  3. That was too funny...I can't wait to see what the judge did!

  4. Hahahaha! Loved it~!

    I loved when he added words over top his voice such as expressing his love for the handicap and such.

    Too I want to know what happened with the judge!!

  5. That was hysterical! I need to know that outcome, he is a damn fool-comedically. I am with him on fighting the ticket.

  6. Oh. My. Head.

    I am sitting here spitting coffee all over my laptop. Seriously, he was cracking my crap up, but then he played the theme to the A-team. THEN he switched over to Sanford and Son and I swear to you, a little pee leaked out.

    Thanks for making my morning. I wanna know what happened after he left the courthouse...

    "Y'all can't just be giving brothers tickets...


  7. A reminder that I need to spend more time on YouTube. Hilarious.

  8. This was awesome! I know I'm a few days' behind, but I had to keep waiting until a time where my kids weren't around and my husband could watch it with me. (thanks for the warning by the way so I didn't start playing it around the kids)

    Marshall and I laughed SO HARD!


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