Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sleep, Beautiful Sleep

Alert the media: Sophie let me sleep until 7:15 this morning. She went to bad at 6:15 last night and only woke up once at 3am. I feel like I just got back from a week long vacation followed by a day at the spa. Amazing what eight (mostly) uninterrupted hours will do for a person. The dark circles under my eyes have faded some and the twitch in my left eye has calmed down to only a minor annoyance.

I expect this will NEVER happen again.


  1. This is funny. I have a friend who is pregnant and she was talking about how she is enjoying sleeping in now because she knows it will be over soon. Um, yes. Definitely enjoy it while you can sister. :)

  2. Ahhh, sleep! Don't worry, you will sleep again ... eventually. ;)

  3. Do I dare admit that the first time I got eight solid hours from my dear son, I awoke in such a stupor, realized the clock said 6:30 am, rubbed my eyes, looked at the clock again, freaked out that my son had not awakened ALL NIGHT, and ran to his room, certain I would find him not breathing (the only explanation I could think of that he had not awakened for more than 8 solid hours!)

    I'm sure I sound like a total "head case." In fact, it's rather scary that I'm licensed as a professional counselor and provide clinical mental health therapy to others, isn't it? hee hee!

    Here's hoping there is lots more 8 hour blocks of sleep on your horizon!

    Of course, right about the time you get there, you will be expecting your next newborn baby to arrive. :)

  4. You jinxed yourself by blogging this ... although I threw salt over my shoulder and picked a 4-leaf clover all in the name of Bean to counter-act said bloggy-jinx.

    Oh! And I am crossing all crossable appendages for you as well. THAT should do it.

  5. That's the best!

    Thanks for your comment on jodifur!

  6. It will happen again!!! And then, as mgm said, you will start to take long blocks of sleep for granted and then a new baby will come along! With a eleven-day old, sleep around here is a total crapshoot . . . but not forever, at least I know that for sure this time around.

  7. OMG!!!! We would KILL for that! You lucky, lucky girl.


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