Monday, February 23, 2009

All The Glitz And Glamour

I have kind of lost interest in the Oscars in recent years. I feel like when I was younger, you know, like 30, it was something that I really looked forward to. I never went to any Oscar parties but I watched hours of pre-show and I certainly stayed up late to watch the ending. Maybe I'm out of touch with Hollywood these days. Maybe Hollywood is out of touch with me. I don't know. I do know that I haven't seen the majority of the movies that were nominated and it sounds like neither have most of the people that voted for them. Which means that I'm just not as interested in the outcomes. There were a few things that compelled me to tune in this year, though.

The Underdog. Like a lot of people, I wanted Mickey Rourke to win. He's been about as down as you can get and somehow found his way back. Plus, I was dying to see what he would say for his acceptance speech. Dude was way cute back in the day.

Mickey Rourke Pictures, Images and Photos

And now he looks like this:

mickey Pictures, Images and Photos

I know that time marches on, but YIKES!

AND I kind of wanted Meryl Streep to win, because I think she's a cool lady. My best friend, Aparna, and I have been compiling a list for about 15 years of people that must come to our backyard barbecue party. Meryl is definitely on it. Despite being a mega star for longer than I've been alive, she still seems to be very down to earth. Plus, we could sing Abba songs all night!

AND I was kind of rooting for Slumdog Millionaire because it is the quintessential Cinderella story.

AND I adore Hugh Jackman, so I was interested to see how he would do.

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I am happy to say that I thought his performance was above par. I loved the opening sequence where he pulled Anne Hathaway on stage. Did you see him on Barbara Walters? Hot, hot, hot!

AND I love the quirky things that people say in their speeches: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! Anyone?

BUT, my daughter was sick. So when she woke up about half way through the show, I had to go. I set the DVR to record, knowing that watching it later just wouldn't be the same, but my little bean comes first.

I was up half the night cuddling or rocking my poor sick baby, but when she finally went down for a nap this morning, I raced in to watch the show. Wouldn't you know, the show ran long (big surprise, that one) and all of the good stuff came AFTER it was scheduled to end. Which is when our stupid DVR stopped recording. So I didn't get to watch the last half of the show and although I thought I would be, I'm not really that sad about it.

Maybe next year I'll care.


  1. I missed the beginning but I thought Hugh Jackman did a good job. The show was infinitely more entertaining that it's been in the past. My husband watched it with me with minimal complaining and continued to watch it after I went to bed.

    Don't feel bad thought. I saw zero of the nominated movies, just watched "The Dark Knight" on Saturday and of the movies in the romance montage, I had seen 4.

    Hope the Bean feels better!

  2. I wanted to watch too but I fell asleep.

  3. The last Oscar movie I saw was Juno, which I viewed two months after last year's Oscars. This year I just decided not to bother at all. I'm sure I would have enjoyed parts of it, but I think I enjoyed my evening of blogging, facebooking, and talking to my mom on the phone just as much or more.

  4. I watche d a few bits and peices, but missed the majority. In fact, your post reminded me to look up all the big winners--I totally forgot about it until just now!

  5. I missed the beginning but I did catch the last half. I'm sorry your little one is sick!

  6. I missed the beginning because we were out to dinner, then I missed the end because Maia fell asleep and I decided that I wanted to sleep with her :]

    I wish they'd stream all the red carpet fashions & arrivals with music or something, so I don't have to listen to the inane commentators and all of their bullshit "interviews" >:[

  7. I watched it this year for the first time in years. I was pleased that no one was musiced off the stage, and I loved Hugh Jackman.


    What's with all the plastic surgery on people who DON'T need it??? And do they realize that all these people start to look the same???

  8. I can tell you I haven't seen a single movie that was nominated! There are a couple on my wish list, though ... for rentals! And I do take issue with all the dozens of award shows there are for entertainers. But, this year I had the chance so I let myself watch mainly for the fashion. People watching.

  9. The only movie I saw, I happened to see Saturday night with my mom on my spontaeous mommy getaway. We went and saw Milk, and Sean Penn did do a fabulous job. I was glad to see him get it because I was so impressed with his performance, but I was also impressed with how much credit he gave to Rourke both during and after the show. I think it's nice when it shows who the true friends are in the business.
    I'm now waiting for the wrestler and slumdog to come out on Netflix.

  10. I just can't be bothered with the Oscars anymore. i used to love it, but now, bleh. And about Meryl Streep... there's never been a truer professional.

  11. Well, first off, SO sad to hear Sophie is sick. Poor lil girl!

    Okay, Hugh Jackman? Who KNEW he was so talented? He was great on the Oscars!

    I felt so bad for Jennifer Aniston. But then again who knows if it was uncomfortable or not. I put myself in her place, and I think I would be.

    Mickey Rourke was soooooooo hot back in the day. Did you see that 91/2 weeks? (I think that's what it's called) Holy crap! He was one sexy dude. Then time slapped him across the head. Hard.

    I almost wished that one chick DID faint, she makes me nuts. That Penelope person. Cruz. Yeah, her.

    Sorry about the novel here.

  12. Call me crazy, but I like the way Mickey looks now! He totally won me over in the Wrestler.

    OMG--that pic of Hugh Jackman!! *faints*


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