Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I was sick with the plague most of this past week, sick enough to have Neil stay home one day to watch the bean while I slept. One of the major symptoms of my illness, on top of congestion, coughing, aching and the rest of the Nyquil bottle, was absolute weariness. Any time I could, I slept. Which is why I am so behind on my blog reading, as well as dish-doing, laundry-folding, toilet-scrubbing, etc.

Yesterday Neil called home at about 11:30am. I had just put Sophie down for a nap. I was taking advantage of that time to catch a few z's for myself, so I was less than my usual bubbly chatty self when we spoke. What didn't register at the time, because I was half asleep, was that it was unusual for my husband to call home in the middle of the day just to talk. There's a lot of emailing between us, but phone calls are generally reserved for important messages.

A couple of hours later, after both Sophie and I had awoken from our respective naps, I put her in her high chair and went to go get the mail. However, a surprise stopped me at the door. It was then I realized why my beloved had called. He had sent me flowers! And he was curious if I had gotten them yet. I'm impressed he didn't give his surprise away when he called. I know I would have.

Thank you, my love, for making my day. And my life.


  1. Aw, what a sweetie! He's a keeper!

  2. that is so cool! roses and a nap.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you get well soon!

  4. Oh that is so sweet!

    He wins BIG points today;)

  5. ". . . for making my day. And my life."

    Well said.

  6. He's a keeper. For sure.

    p.s. We must discuss last night. I didn't get to watch until today, but whoa...I was blown away.

    p.p.s. Are you feeling better?

  7. Oh, how beautiful! What a great guy! Hope the creepin crud goes away soon so you can smell those prettiful flowers! Feel better soon!

  8. Awwwww!! Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you're feeling better!


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