Thursday, February 5, 2009

I wish...

I realized how good I looked 40 pounds ago.

I had a bathtub as big relative to my body as our tub is to Sophie.

Sophie's sleep schedule would be predictable enough that I could make plans and know I'd be able to keep them.

I wasn't always dog tired at 7pm and wide awake at 10pm.

Everything was in HD.

I could find a haircut that I was happy with for more than a week.

My hands weren't always cold.

I could bring myself to wean my daughter.

Exercise was as much fun as laying around.

I could eat dessert every night.

I could pause, rewind and replay life.

My child listened when I said NO.

I could bottle the way Sophie's laughter makes me feel.

Lizzy a very Happy Birthday full of joy and $25 Hondas!!


  1. I can't stand watching anything besides HD anymore. Almost avoiding the other 80 standard channels

    My ThousWordThurs Post

    Harrison's punching gif in the Superbowl

  2. Amen about the bathtub and the haircut thing! I haven't had a haircut in over a year (sigh) but every time I think I've picked one out, within a week I hate it again.

    Regarding the pausing, rewinding, and replaying life, it made me think of this device I saw awhile ago:

  3. what's the rush to wean sophie? I say hang onto that one as long as you can...well not too long...but I nursed up to 18 months (toward the end it was just a naptime and night)

  4. hey I wish those things too. Great post.

  5. Me too. Almost everything on your list.

  6. I share almost every one of those wishes, but have to adjust one slightly: I wish I had a bathtub large enough and CLEAN enough to take a bath in.

  7. Oh, I so want the huge bathtub!

  8. I am totally with you on the tired at 7am and wide awake at 10 pm...What's up with that!!

    And you DON'T eat desert every night????

  9. Ohhhh, I wish I could eat dessert every night too!!

  10. I'm 43 and I STILL don't listen to my mom when she says no! lol

  11. I agree. Don't wean her till you're ready. It can be a slow process if you want. My kids quit ME cold turkey and my heart was broken each time.

  12. Awww - thank you for the wishes!!! I'm thinking with the economy the way it is this $25 Honda thing might take off!!!

  13. Why oh WHY can't exercise be more fun!?!


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