Friday, March 6, 2009


Once a week, I get a sanity outing while Neil watches Sophie. While the gym doesn't really count as a pleasure outing, any time that I get to leave the house on my own is a treat. Not having to lug the big bag, just jumping out of the car and running in, not wondering if I need to take a stroller or if I can carry her. Such luxuries.

While I loved having those hours to myself, coming home to my darling was really freaking awesome.


*I've watched this video about a hundred thousand times and every time it makes me smile.

**Notice she doesn't drop the bag. My girl is all about her accessories.

***My husband just said, "Are you sure you want to post that video? It shows you in those shorts." That's right, someone's in the doghouse.


  1. Isn't it cool how moms are their whole world? So very cool!

  2. Look at her loving on you! So fantastic! And she's getting so big!

    Um...Neil is going down...I will take him. 'Cause I have those same shorts and you look way better in them. For real.

  3. Lula is cracking me up!

    I love it when Summer yells "MAMA" and runs through the house to me. It makes you feel great...doesn't it?

    That is so cute, that she keeps ahold of her bag!

  4. Gadaeeyyagajajaaagadeee... Clearly, she was saying "Yo Mom! Come watch Shrek with me!"

    Kick his butt, too.

  5. oh that is so sweet. I must admit, I like coming home too. It is so good to be loved that much.

  6. Jeff gets jealous because he doesn't get the same welcome as me. I think it's written into the mom contract because of all the other stuff we deal with too! Adorable video...I've watched it five times now b/c it is so cute!

  7. Aww she is so sweet!

    Kick yer hubby in the junk.. your shorts look fine :)

  8. Awww...what a greeting! Don't you wish everyone was always that happy to see you? Such a cutie!

  9. I love the blahbiddyblah as she runs at you!!!

  10. You are officially one of my favorite blogs now! What an absolutely sweet video. Thanks for posting this!

  11. It's so great to have a chance to be missed! Adorable.


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