Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wild Things

I am and always have been a big reader. I remember curling up in bed with a book, staying up late, praying my mom wouldn't find me. I don't have any active memories of my parents reading to me, but I am sure they did. They are both readers and always encouraged it in me. It is definitely something that I plan to do with my daughter.

Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is one of my all time favorite children's books. I remember reading it when I was young and fantasizing about playing with monsters. Although the book only has 10 sentences in it, it has captured the hearts and imaginations of people throughout the world.

So you better believe that the realization of this beloved book into a movie has captured my attention.

If the preview is anything to go by, I think I'm going to love it.


  1. I love it too. It's one of the first books I bought for Ava.

  2. Cara:
    As Neil's Mom, I can tell you that he loved this book as a child too. I went to school one day for some event and first thing I noticed was that little Neil had a big paper medal on his shirt. I asked the teacher what it was and she said over the morning announcements, they read something from a book and the first one to guess it, gets to wear the medal all day. This was out of the whole school. Not sure how it worked (maybe the teacher buzzed in some way) but the book was "Where the Wild Things Are". Way to go Neil! Funny the things you remember as a Mom...
    Gail B.

  3. I loved this book too--I read it to my kids when they were little & it was one of their favorites. I can't believe there's going to be a movie--it actually looks like it might be really good! That kid looks EXACTLY like Max in the book!

  4. I don't remember reading this book much as a child, but I do quite like it :]

  5. Oh Cara I can't wait for this to come out! This is one of our families fav childrens books! I think even Jalen will want to go see this=) Thanks for sharing!

    *It might be time for a BIG girl bed for the Bean? I read your FB message about her jumping from her crib. I hope she did not hurt herself...

    Love ya-ALove

  6. First of all, your mother-in-law's story is adorable. Great comment!

    What is wrong with me that we have the book, and I've never read it to Bub? Not on purpose, just realizing it's up on the high shelf with the books I had set aside for when he's older. Clearly a mistake. As soon as we get back home, we'll open it up.

  7. My boys are gonna love this one, I can tell!

    Can't wait till October!

  8. SERIOUSLY????

    This is the first I've heard of this. OUTSTANDING. I cannot wait!!!!

  9. p.s. LET THE RUMPUS BEGIN!!!!!!!


    This is the first I've heard of this too!

    We have it on LeapPad and my toddler LOVES it!

  11. I saw this a few weeks ago and nearly fell out of my chair. I can't WAIT!!!

  12. One of my campers made to the top 5 auditioning for Max.. I was so excited when I heard about this.

    LOVE that book.

    Can't wait for the adventure!

  13. This does look like a great movie. Although I am going to have to reread the book because I don't remember being enamored with it as a child.

  14. Love the book. Love Maurice Sendak. Love Spike Jones.
    Can't wait to see it!

    There was a Wild Things play space in SF that Sendak helped create. It was awesome. I used to take the kids I babysat there on a regular basis. It shut down right before I had kids. It broke my heart as I'd dreamed of going there with my own children, but alas, it never happened. I just hope that M.S. got to keep some of the life sized Wild Things when they dismantled it.

  15. How cool! I didn't even know they were making this into a movie! My kids all loved that book.

    And it's funny that you mention it, but I don't remember my mom reading to me either.


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