Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Show Your Email

I like to think of this whole blog thing as not just me spouting off about my thoughts and experiences, but a conversation between me and you. The easiest way to make that happen is for me to be able to reply by email to your comments. However, you must have an email address connected to your blogger account to make this happen.

How do you do this, you ask? Easy peasy:

1. Open up a new window. That's Ctrl-N if you're on a PC, Command-N for Mac.

2. Leave one window open to these instructions. Go to your blog on the other window.

3. Click on customize. Click on dashboard in the upper right corner.

4. On the left, next to where your profile picture is, click on Edit Profile.

5. Under Privacy, click "show my email." Under identity, make sure the public email address that you use is there.

6. Save profile.

So, please, show your email!

Thanks to Darcy for putting together the instructions and to Julie for passing it along.


  1. I had no idea how much people did this until I just recently opened my email. Just think of all the unanswered replys I must of gotten that people thought I just snubbed them on! People do do this WAY more than I relilized and it is fun! You get to know people better and make better friends! Like Land of Bean:)

  2. Love responses from my comments.....Sorry Ididn't respond to you. Thanks for stopping by.

    Okay, it's off the the Ortho...I'll post later....

  3. I can't believe how many people DON'T have their email ready for relpies. Who doesn't want fun, friendly email???

  4. Hey girlie!
    You know you can email me anytime !

  5. Good idea. Of course, most of my readers don't have blogger accounts and don't know how to leave their name instead of anonymous . . .

    I love how you reply back on comments sometimes, makes me feel special.

  6. i am shouting from the mountain top...go away no comment reply!!!!

  7. I am all emailed up and have been. Yeah!!! I love it when ppl do this too.
    Blogging is like a delay conversation or a conversation that mommies can totally have.


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