Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Is What Photoshop Is For

We don't have a dog. Not for lack of trying on Neil's part. He really wants one. The truth is, I love dogs, but they are high maintenance. And high maintenance is not what I want right now. I already have a high maintenance child to look after. That doesn't stop Neil from forwarding me those "Dog for adoption" emails on a regular basis. At least I broke him from sending me the sad, sad pictures of the doggies at the ASPCA.

So this morning when I return from the gym, one of the first things I do is check my email. Because I'm just that addicted. There are several emails from Neil, but one catches my attention. The subject is "Julie!"

"Julie?" I think, "What is this? We don't know anyone named Julie." So I click on it first.

Turns out it is one of those dog emails. Nothing new there. Like with all the others, I'm not interested but I looked through the pictures because I like the cute as well as the next gal. Whereupon my eyes were greeted with this:

Could they not have cropped out the two dogs pooping?


  1. Ahahahaha! I dodn't even notice that until you pointed it out, I was just looking at the cute Julie dog up front! BUT BE STRONG! We have a dog (Jeff SO wanted one) and now, well, let's just say it's the LAST animal we will ever have. EVER. I learned my lesson!

  2. That is hilarious!! Nothin' like poopin' with a friend. It's a group poop...

    Okay, I'll stop now.

  3. I totally did not notice them until up said it. I am liking to group poop.

  4. You gotta admit...Julie outshines the poopers!

    She looks like a keeper!

  5. My advice is (not that you asked) ... don't get a dog. They are completely too much work (although we do love 'em) and I'm enjoying my life dogless for now!

  6. ROFL! That was the first thing I saw when I looked at that pic!!! Poor Julie--she is forever tainted!!

    P.S.--It's awfully cute that your hubby sends you those emails!

  7. Well... um... the goodside is that at least Julie isn't doing it....

  8. Ha ha I didn't notice the 2 background poopers at first either.. I really had to look. Doggie Photo-Bombers.

    Is is ironic that the google ad on the side of your Blog is for Free Dog Adoptions?

  9. Ok Cara, the dogs popping is gross but funny....but you know what you should do? OMG, photoshop that dog out of that pic, and photoshop it into a pic of YOUR backyard!

    LOL, then email it to your hubby. In the subject line you could put..."I give in!", or, "Julies new home". lol


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