Friday, June 12, 2009

Before I was a mom...

I made fun of parents who couldn't spend a night or weekend away from their infants/toddlers.

I thought that little hands and feet were just that, not the embodiment of hopes and dreams.

I was afraid that I was too selfish to love a child.

I didn't appreciate a good night's sleep.

I looked down on moms who didn't wipe their child's nose the second a drop of snot emerged.

I didn't care what I did to my body, it only had to last for me.

I was critical of families who had toys all over their yards.

I went away for the weekend with no more planning than I put into a trip to the grocery store now.

I never thought that I would be so brokenhearted about weaning my child at 20 MONTHS.

I didn't think I could love my husband any more than I already did.

I never thought I would be needing, and taking, parenting advice from my baby sister.

I didn't know just how sweet and patient my own parents were.

I had no idea just how beautiful a child could be.

What a strange and wonderful trip parenting is.


  1. I can't imagine my life without them! It has been the most awesome ride;)

  2. Preciousness.

    But you're going to get over the "leaving your child for a long weekend" issue, right?

    you HAVE to get over it. With no guilt or fear. Or else I'll make fun if you. While in front of you. In person. All up in your Kool-Aid.

    Yep. I'm mean.


  3. Cara, this post is so great. I want to apologize to my mom over and over for what I must have put her through.

    I used to be so judgmental of parents who's kids had kool-aid mustaches. I thought, "Can you keep your child clean?" What a moron I was.....:) You just don't know what you will do until you are the parent.....

  4. Beautiful :) I used to be so judgmental and such... I hated hearing and seeing kids running around... I thought it was hideous when they were snot-nosed, and their missing teeth smiles weren't charming, they were just STRANGE.

    All of that has changed. I have so much more sympathy for moms, and I'd even say I have love for them now. Their kids make me smile regardless of what they're doing. I find myself watching children that actually WALK ON THEIR OWN with amazement.

    I think it's scary to imagine a night or weekend away from Maia.

    But dudette, you're going to BlogHer!

  5. Beautifully said and oh soooo right on!
    Lookinf forward to meeting you at the EE in Nov. !

  6. are coming to EE?! How exciting!

    I've always thought that I was a horrid mom because I looked forward to that long weekend...and as a matter of fact, any excuse for an escape...

  7. Oh, yes...and so HUMBLING.

    What a sweet post!

    Have a great weekend...

    :^) Anna

  8. The best trip I have EVER taken!

    So well said!

  9. As someone who spent her career as a single woman with mothers and families, I can say ditto to nearly all of those feelings.

    It is truly amazing how a child can change EVERYTHING.

  10. Brava!
    You've got yourself a darling.

  11. You are so right on all counts. I especially did not understand when people were reluctant to leave their kids for the weekend. I also admit to imagining my kids would not be watching too much television.

    Your post is a great reminder to seek to understand/support other parents instead of slipping into judgment mode.

    Your weekend away is going to be AWESOME!!!!

  12. Awesome thoughts! Hubby and I are trying for our first!

    Thanks for following my site. I look forward to checking out yours!

  13. Soooo correct! These precious children of our change our lives forever!

  14. I never knew my heart could feel like it would burst from such overwhelming feelings of love

  15. I know!! being a mom is the best!!!!

    ps. Changed my blog name from Girl n the Glasses to

  16. I couldn't agree more and that is a beautiful picture of you and Bean.

  17. SO true!
    I love your pic. so peaceful

  18. So sweet! I completely agree.

  19. Ah, so VERYvery true. Lovely.


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