Monday, June 22, 2009

File This Under: $55!!! You're Outta Your Damn Mind

My husband, sensitive soul that he is, has been on the lookout for ways to make me more comfortable during this unpleasant time. I suspect it has a lot to do with getting me to shut up already about my poor, lumpy, achy mammaries. Something I am sure most of you have in common with him at this point. Anyboobie, he found this delightful product to help ease some of the stress on my girls. Both now and once things are back to normal. Cause he's thoughtful like that.

(Brace yourself. This video is not for the kids.)

This is real, folks. I'll confess it's not the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, but it ranks up there.


  1. Um...hi...I have no words. None. Zilch.

    p.s. Are you freaking kidding me? That was like watching porn. Ewwwwww.

  2. I, for some reason, cannot see the picture and I soo want to see what you're talking about!

    Can't help but think how good old KUSH would feel when you roll over on your stomach!!! $55 #$^%@@@#!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My neck has been out of whack and now I am going to chalk it up to improper neck support. I don't think I could bring myself to shell out $55 for a kush, but I wonder how a rolled up washcloth would work?

    I love that the kush appears to have a carrying case. Never know when you will need it on-the-go!

    I'm working up to weaning my Little Bit. It will be nice to stop sleeping in a bra.

  5. ah---hahahahahahaha!
    no really!

    I'm thinking a pair of properly and creatively rolled socks would do the same thing.

    oy vey.

  6. You? Are kidding me.

    In an effort to keep your blog kid-friendly... I'm not even going to go there and tell you what that looks like...

  7. Shannon... my thoughts exactly.

    Having been VERY engorged before, I think that Kush would be absolute torture.

    I completely empathize with you. I hope you get some relief soon. If I can remember correctly, ice packs helped. Preferably the flexible kind.

    I promise, this will pass.

  8. OMG, really? LOL

    And, "anyboobie"? Now THAT was frickin hysterical. Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh, that is tooo tooo funny! aha ha!

    Isn't there still some pill they can give you to dry up? What about something herbal? Maybe you should google herbal remedies. (like you haven't done that, duh.)

  9. Wait? This blog is kid-friendly?


    Because the shape and coloring of that, THING, was extremely familiar...

  10. Yeah, I'm with Tracey on this one... when I saw her pull that out of the silky bag on her bedstand I started to giggle & think "that ain't right!"

    Um, so I guess we can assume you're not getting one? ;)

  11. Are you kidding me!! yeah right..LOL
    55.00 for that?
    Please tell me your not getting one! did the cabbage not work?
    I think there may be an herbal thing out there as well.. sage drops is suppose to help

  12. Don't I wish I had enough cleavage to even warrant one of those.
    Anyboobie? I. love. you.

  13. I have seen some crazy things but this has got to be right up there with the vigina necklaces on esty.

  14. For real? Seriously? Is this really a rampant problem out there? Thanks for sharing. I think.

  15. The only boob support that I want is from george clooney

  16. Are you going to continue to mock me and my small breasts on your blog, or can we stop this maddness!

    I don't have enough to hold the kush thingy up with:(

  17. Did a man design that?

    That is just hilarious. And $55??? I am thinking that you can find other means of support. That might be similar.

    Oh my...

  18. If ONLY...I had boobies big enough to wedge something between them.

    Try fenugreek, btw. It's an herb that will dry up your milk. Check it out. Maybe not as much fun as that boobie cushion, but will prolly get you there quicker! Just sayin'.

  19. Dear Lord - I HAVE seen it all now!!!!!!! and for the record - I do not think that will help engorged breasts!


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