Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday Musings

- The party this weekend was a success. We had a good crowd and I think everyone had a nice time. I can say with certainty that the kids did, adults are harder to read. My husband had a REALLY good time. So good he fell down the stairs coming out of the garage. Not to worry, he wasn't seriously injured and he only spilled a little bit of his beer.

- We have so much food left over from the party that we will be eating hot dogs, pasta salad, cookies and sheet cake for days. Not to mention all of the leftover beer and soda. I'm mortified. And excited. (giggle)

- I didn't take a single picture at the party. Not one. But here is one I took the day before of Sophie in the absolutely adorable hat that Heather sent her as part of a fabulous giveaway that I won. I'll talk more about that later, though.

- We had another code brown tonight. Blech. Of course, our tub is draining really slow right now because Sophie put some mardi gras beads down the drain and I haven't gotten our plumber out yet, which means that cleaning out the nasty, disgusting, gag-inducing, poopy bathtub was a major pain in the doofenschmirtz. That was only the second time that's happened, lets hope it's the last.

- My boobehs have FINALLY returned mostly to normal. Which means that it's really over. I'm totally sad.

- I've been so busy this last week that my Google Reader is insanely full. I don't want to miss a single word that my bloggy buddies write, but having 580 posts(!) stacked up makes me a little panicky.


  1. OMG--I love her little hat! Glad you had a nice party, and no worries about not taking pictures--that just means you were enjoying it rather than trying to document it!

    I can relate on the business--I thought summr was supposed to slow everything down!

  2. So glad the party was so much fun, and seriously, leftover party food is the BEST - lucky you! Also? "Code brown" as you call it (LOVE IT!) has happened to us MANY MANY times. I hate it!

  3. Seriously cute little girl.

    I love leftover party food... for a few days.

  4. Whew! So glad to hear Neil didn't spill his whole beer... that would've been a catastrophe! ;)

    Seriously... congrats to your hubby and glad y'all had a great par-tay.

    And now... thanks to you... I've got "Doofenschmirtz Evil, Incorporated!" playing in my head. Over... and over...

  5. Oh, and I'm with you on Google Reader. Just tonight... mine has gone from 250... to 267... t0 278... in the span of 30 minutes.

    It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

  6. Very cute hat!!!
    Code brown....oh yeah...I remember those................

  7. Glad the party was a smashing success! =)

  8. Glad you all had so much fun!
    Congratulations to your husband. That's fantastic!

  9. had a great time at the party! enjoy the left overs!!!

  10. I love how you spelled "boobehs." Amazing.

    Code Browns are bad times. I know. From experience.

  11. So glad Neil didn't get hurt falling down the stairs OR spill his beer..LOL!

    Code Brown sucks. Especially with a slow drain.

    I love hosting picnics and such because of the leftovers!!

  12. Glad it was all a success. And just for you, I haven't posted a thing, so there is nothing to catch up on with me. Your welcome.

  13. You're. Welcome. I just had some bad grammar demons whisk through. Their evil. There everywhere.

  14. Better in the bath that stuck to the panties. I. hate. cleaning. poopie. panties. I don't like to waste (no pun intended), but sometimes I just throw them in the trash....bad me.

    Glad to hear your preciouses (my made up word) are returning to normal.

  15. How much do I love your term Code Brown? We went 20 months without one, then a couple months ago had 2 on 2 consecutive days, plus a bonus "allow me to catch this foreign object falling out of my butt but oh my God what is that?" moment en route to the bathtub later that week. Even freaked me out.

    So glad you had a good party...and lots of leftovers! Yum.

  16. Glad to hear your party was a big success! Yea you! :)

    The bathroom thing is really a shitty (and sorry)

    That's a lot of posts to read. Gosh. Or 'gorsh'...what character used to say that? Goofy? Whatever. lol

  17. I always make way too much food so that it looks like no one showed up at the party. My husband warns me every time, but I have a ridiculous fear of running out of food at the party. I love party leftovers the most-est though.

    Sorry about the code brown. We have been code brown free for months now! Knock on enamel!

  18. I thought about you this weekend and I was hoping that your party went well. I am so glad that it did.
    I am so jealous about the extra food and beer. We have none left from our party.
    And poop tube is yucky, good luck with that.

  19. Just click on the blogs you REALLY love (like mine) and then click on
    "mark all as read". Really, no one will notice.

    But be sure to read mine.

    Really. I'll be looking for your comment, now.

  20. Sounds like a fun time (the party... not the poopy bathtub)! ;)

  21. She is so adorable! So glad to hear it all went well.

    And they're back to NORMAL?


    Mine look like 2 deflated balloons.

  22. Code Brown. LOL OMGosh!!! Yeah. Not fun.

    She is SOOOO flipping adorable!

    I freak out when my reader is filled to the rim too. Shhh...*lookingaround*...I sometimes just hit "mark all as read".

  23. LOL @ code brown!

    What a cute pic! That hat is perfect on her!

    Sounds like a great party too.

  24. I have about 650 in my reader, and I am adding more. I hate when I get that behind. First time here, won't be the last.

  25. Of course she looks adorable! That hat had Sophie written all over it!

    Glad to hear about the party. Sucks when you plan and cook and clean, and the party is a bomb. If you were too busy and having too much fun to take pictures, then it must have been a success!


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