Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Drama For This Mama

Our little Gomez is a very affectionate kitty. He is also one feisty little thing. It's no coincidence that one of the first words Sophie said was "kitty" and one of the next words was "GET." As in, GET DOWN, GET OFF, and just plain GIT!

Pretty much whenever either of us comes home, he is at the door to greet us. And while he, like most cats, spends a good portion of his day sleeping, he can usually be found wherever we are.

So tonight, when Neil got home from work and Gomez didn't come running, it raised alarm bells. I had been out most of the day, and in the short time I was home before Neil got home, I hadn't seen the cat. We realized that neither of us had seen him since the night before.

We began a search of the house. It's not unknown for him to find little hidey-holes for his naps. On more than one occasion, we have searched the house for our "lost" kitty only to find him tucked into some little nook. Both of us fully expected that to be the case today.

Except he wasn't anywhere to be found.

Not in any of the closets.

Not behind or under the dressers.

Not under the bed.

Not in the ceiling in the basement.

Not on top of the cabinets in the kitchen.


So we took to the streets. We drove up and down. Back and forth. Slowly. Looking under every bush and tree and porch. It doesn't help that we finally got the rain they've been forecasting the last three days.

We were so upset, I couldn't cook and we had to go to Chick-Fil-A.

Dinner was a pretty solemn affair. Both of us worried about our little missing Gomez. Neil was especially upset. Gomez is his boy. He sleeps curled up next to him every night. We both spent the whole time wondering what could have happened to him. Had he found a way into the walls and met with misadventure? Had he slipped outside? He's an indoor cat, how could he stand up to the nasty toms that cruise the neighborhood. He's such a little thing, and with the soft claws on, he's not going to be much in a fight. Or god forbid, what if he tried to cross the street.

Every few minutes, one of us went to either the front or back door and shouted out for him. But there was no response. I hate to say it, but I was starting to lose hope.

Meanwhile, our other cat, Potter, was running around like a kitten. It would be an understatement to say that she is less than fond of Gomez. She was purring and rubbing up against us. Whenever we'd say, "Potter, where's Gomez?" She wouldn't say a thing, but I swear she was grinning from ear to ear.

Around 8 o'clock, I went upstairs to start the bath for Sophie. Neil began to follow me up, carrying Sophie, but as he hit the stairs, he turned around and said he was going to go out and check for Gomez. One last time. We both laughed knowing that we would keep going out all night.

I was hunched over the tub when Neil yelled out to me. I ran out and looked down the stairs and there stood Neil, Sophie under one arm and Gomez under the other. He was hissing and pissing (quite literally), but he was alive and unharmed.

Evidently, when Neil went outside, Gomez came running up to the door. Neil said he was under the porch, but as many times as we were out there hollering, I can't imagine that he had been there all along.

Whatever the case, we're so happy to have our little guy back that we didn't even really yell at him when he jumped up on the table and started knocking things off. Tomorrow, though? The gloves are off.

PS - I saw the parking lot guy again today at the gym. I'm pretty sure he recognized me. I may have to change gyms.

PPS - My boobelas are killing me. I haven't suffered through engorgement in so long, I forgot how much it sucks. Please tell me that cabbage actually works, because I've got vegetables in my bra and I'm waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell me I'm being punk'd.


  1. Maybe you and parking lot guy will soon become the best of friends? ;)I am not sure about cabbage. I heard that wetting a diaper with warm water, and then placing it on your, ahem, boobies, will help.

  2. I'm glad your cat returned home. I feel sad though that you couldn't even enjoy your dinner at Chick-Fil-A.

    Did the parking lot guy give you a strange look or did he just look at you like he had seen you before?

  3. When I turned 5, my present was a new kitten. A few years later, Mitz escaped from the house and was gone for three days. I thought for sure I was never going to see him again... but he came back unharmed. I hope he enjoyed those three days of freedom.

  4. Oh that little brat hiding under the porch while your calling for him! lol.

    Glad you found him. AND you got Chick Fil-A! Win-Win!

  5. Oh that little brat hiding under the porch while your calling for him! lol.

    Glad you found him. AND you got Chick Fil-A! Win-Win!

  6. glad to hear you found Gomez and I have heard it works a girlfriend of mine did it! good luck

  7. What a scare! I'm so glad you were finally reunited at the end of the day.

  8. Glad you found your kitty. Sorry about the boobs. And what in the world is with the cabbage? You have it in your bra? I have never heard of that.

  9. Glad to hear that Gomez came back and so sorry to hear about the boobies. I wrote about my boobies today. LOL

  10. Oh I'm so glad Gomez came back!
    I was afraid to read the rest of your post in case there was bad news!

    No advice on the boobies thing but you could always re-use the cabbage leaves for cabbage rolls...

    hee hee

  11. First of all, I am glad you found your cat!

    Second of all, HE should change gyms!

  12. Glad Gomez is home, safe and sound. And no help for the boobs---I guess I was lucky and not producing enough to swell at the end...good luck!

  13. Ah, big sigh of relief. I'm glad Gomez is back.

    I never tried cabbage, but many women swear by it.

  14. poor kitty - and just ignore that dude - sorry about the engorgement - just let the little one eat!!! Don't use Cabbage!

  15. Boy, I'm gone for 3 posts and THIS is what I come back to? It's been a tenuous week for you my dear!

    Glad Gomez is back. Sounds like the gym guy was slightly amused... I wouldn't worry too much. If it bothers you, you could always go up to him and say, "I'm sorry. I was sorely engorged."

    I applaud you for sticking with the BF so long. I went 14 months with T - Until I got pregnant for Z, and then 15 months with Z because he wouldn't quit at 14. I felt the same way as you. Never liked it, but was fully committed. I didn't feel sad about it either time. I think because the first time I was pregnant, and I knew I couldn't do both (though some people do.) And the second time, I felt like I had been pregnant or bf for nearly 4 years.

    The first time I was SO engorged I had knots all the way up my neck. My husband was pleading with me to do something, but I didn't know what to do. It was SOOO painful. The second time I guess I'd let down gradually enough, and wasn't pregnant, so it wasn't so bad. I remember using cabbage both times. I couldn't tell you whether it helped.

    As far as being special, whether they remember why or not, my boys definitely know their is something different about me, and they still give me loving "pats."

    Good luck!

  16. I you found the kitty! Oh, man...wonder where he went?

    I have to play catch up...I've had guests all week and it seriously cut into my Internet time! :)

  17. We went through this. Sort of. With my evil kitties. She was missing. We called. And looked. Every.Where. And then I found her. She jumped behind our bookcases. The ones that are bolted to each other. And to the wall. Ugh. Stupid cat.

  18. I am a hot mess when my kitties go missing.

    I can totally relate.

    It is absolutely pathetic.

    Mostly because, I am all alone in it, my husband not sharing my pain too much.

    The worst was a couple years into our marriage and my FAVORITE baby cat Woody, who was totally as inside of a cat as they come, had gotten out and was gone. Gone, gone. I was mortified, terrified, horrified. I cried, and cried. I had Mike out there looking all hours of the night (which he probably preferred to my sobbing) The little boogar was gone for days. Like 5! We finally found him under our back deck. He had been there the whole time!!!!! He was too scared to come out when he heard us calling. He just was so scared he holed up under there and I guess waited to die, IDK! Luckily we found him, and he lived several more years.

    Stupid cats.

    I love them waaayy too much:)


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