Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shampoo and Cilantro

- Almost every time I take a shower, when I reach for the conditioner, I forget whether I have shampooed or not. To be sure, I shampoo before moving on to the conditioner. I'm pretty sure that I wash my hair twice at least half of the time. I must because I go through A LOT of shampoo.

- Sophie always has bruises all over her body. I am puzzled by this until I look down at my own body and realize that I, too, am covered in black and blue spots. Clearly, we are a graceful family.

- I just discovered, after six years together, that my husband doesn't like cilantro, which is one of my favorite things in the world. That pretty much closes off the list of my favorite things: artichoke hearts, capers, asparagus and olives. Sigh.

- I ordered something to be delivered "Ground." Does that mean they actually truck it across the country? Why would that be cheaper? It takes four days (at least) to get from coast to coast and uses a crapload of gas. If that isn't right, then what does it mean and why do they call it that?

- I might be becoming an Ebay junkie. There's just so much stuff. I am powerless to resist. This could be bad.

- I'm starting to feel like I can't leave the house with the Bean anymore. Every outing is disastrous. Even to the park. What. the. hell? She has become BEANZILLA.

- Only one week to Blogher! I have so much to do. I'm getting my eyebrows threaded tomorrow. I need to get a mani/pedi at some point and I still need to figure out exactly what I'm wearing, which might require some more shopping. Darn it. (That was sarcasm, btw.)

Have a great weekend.


  1. I LOVE artichoke hearts, capers, asparagus and olives, especially if they're kalamata olives. Mmmm.

    How could he not like cilantro? Have him checked out.

  2. my husband hates cilantro too.

    Cute photo!!

  3. I accept the fact that my wife never drinks coffee, but hating olives? It makes everything it touches taste like olives. And? How is that a bad thing? It takes all kinds, I suppose.

    And she is a cutie, even when she's about to lose it.

  4. Is the foaming at the mouth how you know she's about to lose it?
    Or maybe she's been chewing on cilantro.
    Hang in there. You are going to have a blast next week.
    You won't catch up on your sleep, but you will have a blast!

  5. I love those too fortunatly I belive Dennis like the celontro(sp)
    as for the bean.. MIne are the same way it does not get better.. Liam looks like he's been in multiple fights.. and he's not been near other kids for a week now.. LOL have fun at your Bloger looking forward to hearing about it you must be sooo excited!!

  6. Oooooh, I wanna hear about the threading...Tiffany did that last year and loved the results.

    I love cilantro. But I hate artichoke hears, capers, and olives.

    Sophie's at the age when it's just easier to do outside-of-the-home stuff by yourself. I try NOT to take my kids to Target or the grocery store unless I absolutely have to. Does that make me a mean mommy? No. It makes me SANE!!!!

  7. Yeah, I thought Ground meant trucking it. I guess you're not paying as much because it takes longer to get there...and it's coming with thousands of other ground packages.

    Cute pic of the bean today, lol

  8. I ALWAYS do this with the shampoo too! darn it.

    Thanks for such sweet words today. You are one of my true faithful ones ya know:) Love you too!!

  9. what is eyebrow threading??

    and I so need to figure out what to wear and get a mani/pedi too - but I am on the verge of death with a summer cold!

    as for your little one- it's the age - frustration - their little brains are so far ahead of their voices!!

  10. Your list of foods are my faves too. Love them and I want to eat them right now!

    Eye brow threading? What is that and how does it work? Better than waxing?

  11. I guess because gas costs a lot whether you're flying or driving the package. Ground could also include by train, right?

  12. Uh oh, I am not fond of cilantro. I can eat it in salsa, but that's about it. I hate it when fish tacos are served with loads of cilantro that has ended up warm because of the fish. Makes me feel icky just thinking of it!

    We've been through outing-outburst phases around here. Won't last forever!

    I've got a pedi and waxed eyebrows. Am hoping to shop in my own closet for attire. We shall see.

  13. We should get together for pizza. You and I can have one with atrichokes, capers, olives, and asparagus. Neal and Adam can have one loaded with meat, and absolutely no mushrooms. We reserve the right to have some of theirs too.

  14. You know, I see pics of Sophie all the time. I'd recognize HER at BlogHer. You, however? I think we need a picture soon.

  15. Pesky shopping. I sure hope you can psyche yourself up to get that crossed off your to-do list.

    My son's legs have been covered in bruises since he learned how to walk. He definitely has my klutz gene.

  16. my husband hates most of my favorite things too. except chocolate. he likes that.

  17. Ebay....that hussy...I admit...I was a junkie too....My hubby is very glad I broke away!

  18. Cilantro is one of my faves too. And eBay!

    Love that pic. :)

  19. Yes - lots of BlogHer prep! I'm such a project at this makes me tired.

    See you in Chicago!

    :-D Anna

  20. I have to admit, I don't even know what it means to get your eyebrows threaded. Is that different than your basic brow wax, which, BTW, I'm in desperate need of. As for the shampoo, I know exactly what you mean. There are days I go to get out of the shower when I realize that I'm not sure if I remembered to wash my whole body, so I do it again to be sure. It isn't any wonder I'm barely on time for work most days. Fortunately for me, Jerry loves cilantro, artichokes, capers, and olives (also on my list of favorite things), but he randomly informed me---after we had been married for 2 years---that he wasn't crazy about asparagus. I was devastated. And as for those nightmarish outings with the child, I feel your pain there too. I'm reading all those books about giving your child's feelings a name as a way of soothing his tantrums, which means most of our conversations go like this: Are you feeling sad? Are you mad at Mommy? You have a boo-boo and that's why you want to take off your shoes? Do your shoes hurt and make you feel sad? If your shoes hurt your feet, you need to tell Mommy. If you're angry, it's okay, we all get angry, but we do not hit people. Or kick people. You can tell Mommy you're angry, but you must not hit Mommy. Yeah, it's real effective.

  21. Cilantro is the only herb that I simply cannot stand! Oh, and eyebrow threading-- how is that better than waxing? I've always wondered.

  22. I SO need to get my eyebrows threaded...and a mani/pedi.

    That is too funny about the ground shipping. I always wondered that too :)

  23. Is it okay if I come with bushy eyebrows and toenails I paint myself? I did get a cute new haircut, though!
    Did you see Tim Gunn is gonna be there? Swoon. Makes me kind of okay with the bad outfits I am sure to throw together. Maybe he can save my fashion life!

  24. Um, am I the only one who's never heard of eyebrow threading? What in the world is THAT?

    I hope you have an awesome time--you deserve this trip!


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