Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Wonderings

- I cut up three jalapeno peppers and my hands are still on fire, like 10 hours later. Does anyone have any tips for preventing/fixing this?

- I'm having a helluva time sleeping lately. Not sure what the deal is, but I am not liking it. Update: Sophie let me sleep in this morning until almost 9am!! That is unheard of around these parts. She is normally up before the sun. Of course she was necked and covered in pee when I went in there, but it was a lot easier to tolerate after a good night's sleep.

- I really love it when it cools down enough at night to open up the windows.

- There is a lady at my gym who is there every time I am and she is always chewing her gum with a big open mouth (even though there is a gym rule against gum). She looks like a cow with her cud. It's disgusting.

- My allergies are going crazy right now. I touched my raw nose with my jalapeno hands. HUGE mistake.

- I believe my daughter might be a cheerioaholic.

- I can't decide what to do with my hair. I have an appointment this weekend and I don't know if I want to start growing it out or clip it back up short. Decisions, decisions.

- Just two weeks until Blogher. Squeeeeeal!


  1. whoa, what are ya doing up this late? You are having trouble sleeping, huh? Either you are sleeping just fine and Sophie has other plans, or she is sleeping sound and you have insomnia, what gives? My excuse: night shift.

  2. Yeah, don't cut them up and that won't happen. :o)
    Hey, you asked. LOL

    Next time maybe wear kitchen gloves?

  3. Pioneer Woman uses large amounts of jalapenos in her recipes. I want to say that she's suggested vinegar before, but don't quote me on that. Her site might have some tips for you!

    I feel like I went through about 5 years of insomnia...and it was awful. Now, I've just acclimated to not sleeping more than 5-6 hours a night. I'm this close to asking for some Ambien at my dr's appt today though! LOL!

    And I have had hair issues for a year now! Mine was really long and I cut it really short last summer. I've fooled around with color extremes and the whole bit. Mine is growing out right now, but I'm in that awkward stage where it's too long and constantly annoying on my neck, but not long enough to put in a ponytail. Sigh.

  4. I love sleeping with my windows open too, BUT that is what makes everyones allergies worse!! Maybe that is why yours is acting up??

  5. Whenver I cut up onions or anything like that I wear Latex gloves. Am I a wuss? YES. Absolutely. But it helps the problem :)

  6. jalapenos on the hands sucks!

  7. I've just discovered those extra-protection night-time diapers, which means I don't have to wash the crib bedsheets every morning, which in turn gives me more time to enjoy life!

    My son is a raisinoholic.

  8. I don't do jalepenos. That helps. not you.

    And I can never open the windows here because all the crud that I am allergic to will invade my house.

    And as with the rest...I won't be of help with the hair either. Mine is crazy long. And I just pull it back and ignore it...

  9. I wonder if pineapple juice on your hands would help. That's what they give you at the Thai restaurant if you get lit on fire. Or try putting your hands in some milk. I've heard that can help too.

  10. I wish I had an answer for the jalapeno dilemma. I have the same problem with garlic. What gives?

    Anywho, cheerios and 2 year olds go hand in hand. Totally addictive. No need for the 12 step program just yet. Wait til 3....:)

  11. I wish I had an answer for the jalapeno dilemma. I have the same problem with garlic. What gives?

    Anywho, cheerios and 2 year olds go hand in hand. Totally addictive. No need for the 12 step program just yet. Wait til 3....:)

  12. I once cut up jalepenos and then washed my hands like 50 times and then touched my eye and the pain of it seared my contact lens to my eyeball. Maybe try some rubbing alcohol, to dissolve the pepper oil.

    There is a girl at my gym who can't resist singing out loud. Which would be fine, because sometimes I am tempted too, but she really can't sing. And then there is the guy that grunts when he lifts weights. I'm waiting for him to fart really loudly one day.

    My daughter is a cashew-a-holic. You're going to have to trust me that's it is really nasty to change her diaper after she's been eating nuts all day.

  13. You are HILARIOUS!

    And I want to know if you find about about the whole jalapeno thing. GRRR. It is frustrating!

    I myself am a cereal-aholic. And so I cannot allow cereal into my home. I WILL eat three large bowls of cheerios if it is in front of me.

  14. I think someone mentioned it latex gloves when cutting up hot pepers....
    gross with the gum and I think you should grow you hair out this time not that it's not cute short..
    loving having the windows open also!

  15. I'm growing my short hair out. Just feeling ponytail envy right now and it seemed like the thing to do.

    As for jalapeno peppers, I am bummed everytime a recipe I think I'd like calls for them. Because every food network star issues warnings about handling them carefully, I am convinced I will be careless and blind myself and thus don't use them.

  16. It's funny, jalapenos don't bother me but cilantro does. Wish I had a solution for you (other than gloves, that is).

    Ryan's addicted to Cheerio's too ("O's"), has been since he was 6 months old. I think they're going to need a 12-step!

    Ah, the hair dilemma. I'm always bored but don't have the energy to take on anything that requires much in the way of styling. Or upkeep. Which reminds me, my roots are out of control!

  17. Yeah, on the jalapenos, my first line of defense is to make hubby cut them up :-) If forced to actually cut them myself, I wear rubber gloves. Seriously. It's that bad. Those things hurt!

    And my allergies are killng me lately here too. Not sure why. Usually not bad in this part of the country in the summer.

    Let us see how the hair turns out!

  18. Jalepenos - buy a pair of rubber kitchen gloves and be sure to write "kitchen" on them or something. (For some reason the males in the house see them and think "lets go scrub the aquarium" or something equally disgusting. And then you have to buy a new pair.) It works, despite being kind of a pain. Pepper hands in the contacts don't feel so good either.


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