Friday, October 9, 2009

Hail Mary

After two weeks of hawking votes from my friends, family and readers, the final day is HERE!

Click here to vote for my blog ... early and often

Voting for the Baltimore Sun Maryland Outstanding Blog Awards finishes today at 5pm. So please take a moment to head on over there and cast your vote for the Best Family category. Don't forget to also vote for Best Overall. (You do NOT have to live in Maryland, or even the US for that matter, to vote!)

Top Ten Reasons to Vote For the Land of Bean:

1. LoB could also stand for Lots o' Bacon. And who can't get behind that?!

2. I can recite every word from every single Mel Brooks movie ever made. Holy underpants!

3. I always use turn signals.

4. My hair is silky, silky soft.

5. I use excellent punctuation..

6. If I win, I pledge to improve the food in the cafeteria. Wait, this isn't the campaign for senior class president?

7. I never pick my nose in public. Well, not often. Okay, sometimes...but I'm discreet.

8. I prefer using polysyllabic words whenever possible. Onomatopoeia! Bam!

9. I make a mean bowl of chili. Which in turn makes a mean bowl of indigestion, but it's totally worth it.

10. Because this face:

Will become this face*, if I don't win:

Thanks for all of your support!

*These photos were taken approximately 1.7 seconds apart.


  1. I have totally been voting for you!! I so hope you win, and not just because I dig chili and silky hair.

  2. You so have my support. I hope that you win!

  3. Oh if numbers 1 through 9 don't do it (which by the way are VERY impressive~BAM!), number 10 hands down will:)

    You SO deserve to win!

  4. yer awesome. that's why i've been voting for you. and you know i don't want to see that second face.

  5. This list is great, and did I mention that I love chili AND the Monty Python? I guess you already got my votes, but I am now kicking myself for having missed out on such awesome bribing opportunities!

  6. You always use turn signals? I bet you pull over for ambulances and fire trucks, too. You totally get my vote.

  7. Good Luck! You should totally win!

  8. Looks like you came out on top! Congrats and thanks for voting for us!

  9. When does the official news come out? I voted!!!

  10. Even if you weren't a DISCREET nose-picker, I'm all for you!

    (Amazing how THAT face! can turn to THAT face! in no time...)

  11. Isn't it cheating to use the kid? Haha...I always use my signal too...You got my vote!

  12. Good luck girl...I hope you win!

  13. awwwww... how could you not vote after that face?

    And. TMI. I totally picked my nose in pre-school pickup yesterday. Heh. Not so glassy, eh?

  14. How could you not win? I can't wait to meet an actual celebrity like you in just 32 days!!! I'll bring something original for you to sign....:) Not like a receipt or something dumb, but like a bean bag...cuz your the bean woman....:)
    It's late. I should really be in bed. Can you tell by my weirdness?

  15. Well, I hope you won! This was an awesome-ly written post btw! lol. So funny!

    I voted every day except 2. And friday was one of them. *EEK* sorry

  16. Love those pics of Bean. That sums up toddlerhood. Smiling one minute, having a fit the next.

  17. Aw man! I missed it! Sorry. I voted in spirit.

    Bean looks exactly like Jack B'Hat, my toddler. I call the sad face rectangle mouth. And seriously, how do they do that? I've practiced in the mirror and can't get my face to do anything close to that pitiful!

  18. Did you win, did you win?

    I've missed you.

    And those pictures are amazing. 1.7 seconds apart. I swear she's related to Caroline. She HAS to be.

  19. Well? did you win or what? Inquiring minds NEED to know! lol. I left an award 4U at my blog

  20. I've voted for you and I so hope you win! Great post... you forgot to mention how funny you were! ;)


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