Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Wonderings

- Thanks to being sick for the last four days (I'm much better now) I am now hugely behind on prep for Sophie's big 2nd birthday party this weekend. I'm getting a little panicky.

- The good thing about being sick? Five pounds, baby! Don't worry, I'll gain it right back this weekend in Halloween candy and cupcakes.

- It looks like Sophie's illness is just side effects of the Flu Mist vaccine she got on Friday. Which I would have known if I read the info sheet they gave me. Nope, I had to call the doctor's office for them to tell me. Parenting Fail.

- Mike Rowe is just so darned cute. Did I ever tell y'all that he went to my husband's high school? Graduated with my sister-in-law. She doesn't remember him. Crazy, right?

- I think being a stay at home mom would definitely qualify as a dirty job. Just the amount of shadoobie I have to deal with on a daily basis should be enough to merit that title.

- I went to the Halloween store yesterday. Why are all women's costumes so slutty? And the little girl's costumes? Not much better. Seriously, people, that is just all kinds of wrong.

- I really don't love open toed boots. They just seem wrong. I mean, boots are for cold, open toes for warm. It's like when I see the girlies wearing Uggs. In July. In LA. Imagine how sweaty their feet get. Blech. I think I'm too practical to be truly stylish.

- That movie The Men Who Stare At Goats actually looks kind of funny. Will I be the only person in the movie theater?

- I went to Big Lots today and spent ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! I didn't know that was even possible. On the upside, I am now the proud owner of a Halloween lawn sign and hurricane candle, an angel costume for Sophie, four plastic cauldrons and a case of water, among about 8 other bags of probably unnecessary sundries. My mom will be so proud. For real.


  1. Sounds like you're on the mend, just in time for the party. Don't worry, you still have three can do it!

    Uggs in July are gross. Open-toed boots are wrong.

    Haven't even heard of that movie. I still want to see Paranormal Activity. I love scary movies!

    Can't wait to see pics of the party!

  2. Mike Rowe Is super cute!! I think he is hilarious too! I love that show!

    Open toe boots?? WTH?

  3. Mike Rowe... mmmm.... yummy

    And ditto to Becky - Open toe boots?? WTH???

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I checked the scale this morning and gained back every pound I lost when I was sick too. Boo.

    Open toed boots are such an oxymoron, as are sleeveless turtle necks. I always wondered what the point was.

  5. Hope you're feeling better! And don't sweat the party planning too much. There were things I didn't pull off for Big A's bday last weekend. Nobody noticed. Except me. :-)

    And I swear, I've lost at least 5 lbs thanks to both my girls being sick this week.

    Mike Rowe IS HAWT!

    And as far as I'm concerned, being a SAHM IS the definition of a dirty job.

    I think Happy Hour Sue said it best when she asked "When did Halloween become Dress Like a Whore Day?" Frightening.

    I think that Goats movie looks hilarious. You won't be the only one there!

  6. I find Mike Rowe very sexy. And funny too. Weird thing is, I don't find many men sexy. I'm not one of those gals. There are just a few men that have that "it" factor for me, and he is one of them

  7. Sorry that you are sick. Feel better soon.

  8. Ughghg, please delete if there are multiple comment posts by me. Come on, internet!

    I live in LA and I don't see many Uggs. What I see are a lot of those odd and ugly grecian sandals with black toenail polish. Huh? We ARE, however, reaching the season of T-shirts with scarves. Yessssss. :) Gotta love this town.

    Mike Rowe is totally adorable, I concur.
    I'm sick, too! Get better fast.

  9. Oh the slutty Halloween costumes so strike a nerve here. Especially last year when my oldest was in that in between stage of too big for kid costumes and too small for adult sizes. Which left the teen sizes. And you have no idea how freakin' slutty those are. Thank goodness she decided to be Edward Cullen and I just had to get some hair gel, glitter and a Forks high school tshirt.

    This year she is going to be a pie. And I found silver leggings. At a regular clothing store. The sales lady seemed insulted when I told her I was buying them for a Halloween costume!

  10. Oh, you're so funny, lol. And that's the 3rd reference to Mike Rowe being cute that I've seen today. How funny! I had to click your link to see who the hell you were talking about.

    Turns out we just watched him last night.

  11. Big Lots can be all sorts of dangerous. It's like Target. You walk in never knowing you needed an entire cart full of stuff.

    And I agree about the women's halloween costumes. I totally want to go out wearing one of those leopard print Snuggies.

  12. Aww sorry to hear you and Sophie were sick :(

    I hope you have a GREAT weekend and hell yes, eat a lot of cupcakes. :)

  13. Open toed BOOTS? I missed that memo. THANK GOD..

    Glad you're better! And thinner to boot? Silver lining, baby. Kick ass.

  14. What rock do I need to emerge from beneath?

    I don't know who Mike Rowe is, but as soon as I finish this comment, I'm off to figure it out.

    I have never heard of/seen open-toed boots and don't think I want to.

    Also have not heard of the goats movie.

    But Big Lots, oh yes, I've been to Big Lots.

  15. That's what they should do - send him in to a childcare center and have him be the king of diaper changes for a dozen wee ones.

    I had no idea there's a movie about goats, or men who look at them, or what have you. I haven't seen a move in theaters in, oh, about two years. Sad, sad, sad.

  16. Glad you're better.....REALLY glad you're better!!
    I love Mike Rowe's voice...ok I can look at him also.
    $ BIG LOTS!!!!!!!! Remind me to tell ya my BL story that my hub will not let me forget.....

  17. Did you say two? Whoa. I'm not ready for Sophie to be two.

    I hear you on the slutty Halloween costumes. Almost all of them at the party-supply stores are probably better for the bedroom.

  18. love that store have to head over I have not been there in a while!! good to hear your better see you sat!

  19. Me likey Mike Rowe... YUM. But I wouldn't want to kiss him. Other things, yes... but kiss him on the mouth, no. Do you know how much shadoobie he's had in there? Not to mention other nasty things...

  20. I agree, Halloween costumes are so SLUTTY!!!!


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