Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dos, Due, Deux...TWO!

Yesterday was a pretty big day in the Land of Bean. Our little girl turned TWO! At every milestone I say the same thing: where has the time gone. I'll admit, some days it feels like time is creeping by, but in the bigger picture, it's flying. Today was her day and I tried to give her as good of a time as I could.

We began the day with some blueberry pancakes and bacon. I think she gets the bacon gene from her father, they are both fanatical about it.

Followed by a little lounging around, watching some telly. Her lounging skills? From the cats.

We spent the rest of the day doing our normal things: playing, going to the gym, napping (her, not me), cleaning (me, not her), playing, some light shopping to finish up my outfit for the Mobbie shindig, playing, dinner (Qdoba, mmm). And then we had to get ready for the par-tay.

Before we left, Sophie opened a few of her presents. We're having a big birthday bash for her next weekend, but she needed at least a couple of treats on her big day. She got a personalized buffy (butterfly) puzzle from her great aunt Randee and great uncle Steve (and they are great in every sense of the word!) and a rockin' guitar from her Mammom and Grandy, who were kind enough to stay with her while Neil and I abandoned her on her birthday, heartless parents that we are.

Clearly, she can wail.

That's me and the hubs in a rare photo of the two of us. Neil is doing his let's get this show on the road grimace. He has a really great smile and yet in half of the pictures of him he is making this face. You'd think he was a grump. (He's not.) The award ceremony was fine. Of course, I agonized over what to wear for nothing. There were people there in all manner of dress. I could have gone in jeans. I wouldn't have, but I could've. We were home by nine. We even stopped at McDonald's on the way home to get hot fudge sundaes. Yeah, we're party animals.

PS - Neil sent me an email this morning asking if she looked different now that she's two. I laughed when I read that, but you know what, she does a little.


  1. Happy Birthday little Bean!!!

    Sounds like she's off to a great day. Nothing better to start the day than bacon (yum!).

    And you and hubs look great.

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday to your darling girl! This will be a great year! You look great in your picture!!! Glad you had a good time. Home by 9 is typical of me now, too.

  3. Hooray for 2! It's still such a fun age, despiite it's bad rep ;-)

  4. Okay, you looked great! I love that black shirt; where'd you get it?

    The guitar pic? Priceless!

    Good luck on having a two year old girl. My thoughts are with you!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! You looked great...congrats!

  6. Yay!! The bean is TWO!!!

    Two is SO fun! (and tiring)

    I absolutly LOVE the lounging cat picture...too cute!

    So Sum and her are only about 6 months apart:) Definite playdates in the future:)

  7. Happy Birthday, Sophie!

    Neil's "let's get this show on the road" face is much better than the faces my hubby normally pulls. Faces or obscene gestures. Like trying to get a good picture of a 13 year old boy... after he just watched Jack Ass.

  8. My husband refused to smile nicely when I wanted to take his picture with my new cell phone for his caller ID. So when he calls me, this silly picture of him making a pig nose at me pops up. I told him I intend to show everyone he knows, and he should have just smiled nicely.

    Happy birthday to your 2 year old! The changes between 2 and 3 are amazing, so hang onto your pants!!

  9. Happy Birthday Bean!

    And you are such a hot mama. Congrats again on your award.

  10. Happy Birthday to your Bean!!
    My Bean turned two on October 3rd. I knew they were about the same age and now I am sure of it. And YES, Alli seemed to look older too!

  11. Happy Birthday, Sophie! This is going to be a fun year. And you guys look awesome by the way. What a beautiful family!

  12. Happy Birthday Sophie! And you guys look great! Especially you, you know, with the smile and all, lol.
    And you're so thin!

  13. Happy birthday to Sophie! And those are some fun pics!

  14. Have a blast this weekend celebrating!

  15. Neil and my dad do the same thing. It's as though my dad's life is soooo busy he doesn't have time for pictures

  16. Very behind in the blog world so:

    ps: Christopher has been asking for you alot lately... See you next weekend!

  17. Happy Birthday Beene and Congrats on the Mobies!


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