Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainy Days

While I've been laying in bed for the last two days, suffering with a cold/flu/plague, the bean and dad have been staying busy in the basement.

I miss them.

Updated 9pm:
Yeah. So. The bean is sick now, too. We've officially entered the fifth ring of hell. Mercifully, Neil has so far escaped the virulence, so at least we have one person left who can care for us. It's rough going, though.

Updated 12:30pm Tues: Still sick, but on the road to recovery after a visit to the doctor for antibiotics yesterday. Sophie is officially sick now, we have a call into her ped to get it diagnosed and fixed so we can all enjoy her birthday party on Saturday. Neil is now sick, too. We're all laying around acting like invalids. It's fun.


  1. Awww. How fun for daddy and little girl:)

    Poor Mama. Doesn't it suck that the only time we get to get extra sleep and time alone is when we are at death's door, Lol!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. That's awful & awesome all at the same time. It's nice for daddy to have his playtime but it's bad that momma is sick.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Feel better soon... I'm feeling sick still, too. Cold? Virus? Don't know... but eh, what can you do, right? And it seems my boys are getting back the cold/virus they gave to me in the first place... gosh, I love the change of weather sooo much! (Note the sarcasm...) I hope your little girl doesn't get what you have! And you - feel better soon! HUGS!

  4. Oh that TOTALLY sucks. I'm so sorry. I hope he keeps away from it, and that you guys heal SUPER quick!!!

  5. yikes! sorry you are sick! hang in there.

  6. Oh honey! The FIFTH ring? Wow. That's a rough one. I much prefer the 3rd or 4th, but at least you've evaded the 6th, you know?


    Take care. Get better.

  7. Hang in there! Any chance she wants to cuddle up on the couch for a Dora marathon?

    Feel better soon.

  8. At least it's now and not next month, right?

    The silver lining, right? I'm all about the silver lining...

    Feel better soon, girls!

  9. Hope everyone feels better really soon! Being sick sucks!

  10. It's wonderful when dads can take the reigns. Shane was like that too. It's a godsend.

    Hope you feel better soon! I bought garlic pills and have been taking them now for a month. So far I've dodged 2 different cold bugs and a possible flu at our house. Knock on wood. :)

  11. Oh, no. I hope you all feel better soon!

    Happy belated birthday to Sophie

  12. O NO I hope you all get better for the party!! get rest and feel better!!I know being sick stinks and a child sick is worse!

  13. I just prayed for y'all...
    "Dear Jesus,
    Rid the B Household of the germs.
    Before next month.
    Especially Sophie.
    So Mommy can leave with no guilt.
    Thank You,

    My girls spent the weekend in Richmond. With their sick cousins. Who were exposed to swine flu. Good times.

  14. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you have 2 down now. I'm glad the bean and dad had some quality time though. Babisodes is coming down with something, and I have a feeling it's only a matter of time...

    Hang in there! Thinking healthy thoughts for you all.

  15. UGH. Being sick sucks. Hope everyone is getting better!


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