Thursday, April 10, 2008

Future All American

When we found out we were having a girl, I was happy. Secretly, I had been hoping it would be a girl. As one myself, and with only sisters, I have a much better understanding of the workings of the female anatomy and mind than of the male. In addition to the fact that girls have much cuter clothes. I am literally frothing at the bit to get Sophie in her less functional and more frilly outfits. However, I know that Neil had dreams of playing ball in the backyard with junior.

So that day walking out of the hospital after the sonogram, I asked him if he was disappointed. I knew that even if he was, he wouldn't say it, but I figured I could read his mood by the tone of his response if not the actual words. True to his ever optimistic form, he said that he was just happy that everything was okay and that there was no rule he couldn't play ball with a daughter. He finished up by saying that he would just have to learn the rules of girl's Lacrosse, a sport he played growing up and still enjoys. And by enjoy, I mean absolutely fanatical about. I, for one, don't get it at all. We didn't have it in Kansas and despite having attended a number of our nephew Zack's games, I still don't quite understand the positions and rules. However, he loves it and thanks to Miss Debbie, Sophie has the beginnings of what will no doubt be a not inconsiderable wardrobe of lacrosse themed apparel.

Meanwhile, I don't think a daddy could love his daughter more than Neil does. She absolutely has him wrapped around her little finger. He lives for her smile (as do I) and would do anything to make her happy. In the end, she's just about the best thing to ever happen to us. Well, her and Tivo.


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