Monday, April 14, 2008

Six Mois Aujourd'hui

Sophie is six months today - my goodness the time has flown. I still feel like she’s that miniature human we brought home from the hospital but she’s turning into a kid, albeit a slobbering, completely irrational one. True to form, here is her much anticipated six month picture. I put the bumper back on to get perspective, otherwise she now sleeps in a bare crib. So very blah - I want frills, frill, frills! Oh well. See how much she's changed since she was five months old.

She loves standing these days. I can’t hold her on my lap for long without her pushing back because she wants to stand. She does a pretty good job of pulling herself up from a sitting position to a standing one, with a little help from mommy, of course. I'll try to get a video of it, because she looks so pleased with herself afterwards that you can't help but smile with her and I'm all for more smiles.

Meanwhile she is still chewing on everything. This morning I was watching her attack the attachments on her exersaucer and the zeal with which she went after them caused a flashback to the other night when we were watching Resident Evil 3: Extinction (don’t ask, Neil picked it). The way the zombies in that movie behaved reminds me just a bit of Sophie. They would crane their necks and flail their arms in their quest to get at the throats of their intended victims with a single minded focus. Watching Sophie, she does pretty much the same thing. Although her victims are plastic thingamajigs, not humans, fortunately. She hasn’t gone for my throat yet, but I’m keeping an eye on her.

Mammom and Grandy stopped by for a visit yesterday. Although it was a rocky start, Sophie warmed up after a bit. I think she has some separation anxiety issues. I have to admit a tiny little part of me loves it that she likes being held by me the best. Am I subconsciously encouraging her? I swear I don't chant "ONLY MOMMY, ONLY MOMMY!" when its just the two of us. It will be nice when she gets to be a bit more comfortable being held by other people, though.


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